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Listed below are the bills that MACo is watching, which are scheduled to be heard for the current week. Higher priority bills are in bold.  Download a daily hearing schedule here (includes all bills, not just MACo priorities).

Monday, February 2
Time Room Bill No. Short Title Sponsor
8:00 AM 102 HB 2 General Appropriations Act: (H) Joint Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services Nancy Ballance  (R) HD 87
8:00 AM 317A HB 5 Provide for infrastructure development Jeffrey W Welborn  (R) HD 72
9:00 AM 472 HB 2 General Appropriations Act: (H) Joint Appropriations Subcommittee on Education Nancy Ballance  (R) HD 87
9:00 AM 137 HB 89 Generally revise human trafficking laws Kimberly Dudik  (D) HD 94
3:00 PM 102 HB 23 Appropriate money for a forensic community corrections facility Casey Schreiner  (D) HD 25
3:00 PM 102 HB 24 Appropriate money for state-run mental health group home Casey Schreiner  (D) HD 25
3:00 PM 455 HB 286 Require roads to remain open during a dispute over legal access Tom Jacobson  (D) HD 21
3:00 PM 303 SJ 2 Study state assumption of federal dredge and fill permitting Bradley Hamlett  (D) SD 15
3:00 PM 317 SJ 9 Resolution on medicare/medicaid expansion John Brenden  (R) SD 17
3:00 PM 335 HB 84 Generally revise election laws Bryce Bennett  (D) HD 91
3:00 PM 335 SB 121 Revise what employment by a PERS retiree is considered active member service
** MACo Bill
Douglas (Doug) Kary  (R) SD 22
Tuesday, February 3
Time Room Bill No. Short Title Sponsor
8:00 AM 137 HB 214 Generally revise boating laws related to DUI offenses David (Doc) Moore  (R) HD 92
8:00 AM 137 SB 26 Clarifying laws regarding electronic submitting of search warrants Nels Swandal  (R) SD 30
8:00 AM 152 HB 235 Revise disposition of metalliferous mines license tax Ryan Lynch  (D) HD 76
8:00 AM 137 HB 262 Revise resort tax laws Kerry White  (R) HD 64
8:00 AM 137 HB 287 Revise residential property tax credit for the elderly Tom Jacobson  (D) HD 21
8:00 AM 422 HB 95 Generally revise public adjuster laws Kelly McCarthy  (D) HD 49
8:00 AM 405 HB 41 Revise tax appeal laws Chuck Hunter  (D) HD 83
8:00 AM 405 SB 147 Provide income tax credit for volunteer fire fighters and emergency personnel David Howard  (R) SD 29
9:00 AM 303 SB 209 Regulate vehicle event data Matthew M Rosendale  (R) SD 18
3:00 PM 152 HB 278 Generally revise fish and game laws with respect to unmanned aerial vehicles Jeff Essmann  (R) HD 54
3:00 PM 172 HB 312 Require MDT to consider growth policies and neighborhood plans Nancy Wilson  (D) HD 95
3:00 PM 172 SB 113 Generally revise Montana board of investment laws Jon C Sesso  (D) SD 37
3:00 PM 317 SB 229 Extend historic county road or utility right-of-way application dates
** MACo Bill
Bruce Tutvedt  (R) SD 3
3:00 PM 405 HB 97 Authorize alternative contracting process Edith (Edie) McClafferty  (D) HD 73
3:00 PM 405 HB 99 Revise fuel tax laws Edith (Edie) McClafferty  (D) HD 73
Wednesday, February 4
Time Room Bill No. Short Title Sponsor
8:00 AM 137 HB 281 Generally revise laws related to game wardens Dale Mortensen  (R) HD 44
8:00 AM 172 HB 324 Revise laws related to health insurers certificates of creditable coverage Jeffrey W Welborn  (R) HD 72
9:00 AM 152 HB 228 Increase coal board funding until June 30, 2019 Tom Berry  (R) HD 40
9:00 AM 303 SB 74 Require data breach notice to attorney general and insurance commissioner Ryan Lynch  (D) HD 76
3:00 PM 472 HB 296 Revise laws regarding mutual aid frequency coordination Pat Noonan  (D) HD 74
3:00 PM 152 HB 318 Require insurance coverage for children with down syndrome Ellie Boldman Hill  (D) HD 90
3:00 PM 152 HB 349 Address discriminatory health insurance policy practices Kathleen Williams  (D) HD 61
3:00 PM 172 HB 329 Generally revise laws related to state lands Jeffrey W Welborn  (R) HD 72
3:00 PM 172 HB 340 Require federal government to comply with air quality laws in Montana Tom Burnett  (R) HD 67
3:00 PM 455 HB 304 Increase penalty for blocking a public road Mitch Tropila  (D) HD 26
3:00 PM 455 HB 346 Revise laws related to highway by-pass requirements Clayton Fiscus  (R) HD 43
3:00 PM 405 HB 183 Revise annexation laws related to parks Forrest Mandeville  (R) HD 57
3:00 PM 405 SB 226 Revise subdivision review criteria laws Roger Webb  (R) SD 23
3:00 PM 405 SB 237 Revise laws governing impact fees Mark Blasdel  (R) SD 4
3:00 PM 303 SB 20 Reallocate metal mines license tax Chas Vincent  (R) SD 1
3:00 PM 317 SB 233 Provide for medicaid waiver protection for certain military families Mary Caferro  (D) SD 41
3:00 PM 335 HB 124 Revise retirement plan laws to ensure federal tax qualification Wendy McKamey  (R) HD 23
3:00 PM 335 SB 198 Revise longevity laws for state employees Mary Caferro  (D) SD 41
Thursday, February 5
Time Room Bill No. Short Title Sponsor
8:00 AM 137 HB 315 Revise the Montana Federal Mandates Act Bill Harris  (R) HD 29
9:00 AM 303 SB 231 Revise admissibility in evidence of seat belt use laws Nels Swandal  (R) SD 30
3:00 PM 172 HB 289 Revise zoning requirements for economic development districts Edward Greef  (R) HD 88
3:00 PM 335 SB 210 Include mountain lion in livestock loss program Gene Vuckovich  (D) SD 39
3:00 PM 405 HB 104 Increase price of license plates issued by MDOT for certain vehicles/trailers, Jennifer Eck  (D) HD 79
3:00 PM 405 SB 228 Increase daytime speed limit for certain vehicles on certain highways Jonathan Windy Boy  (D) SD 16
Friday, February 6
Time Room Bill No. Short Title Sponsor
8:00 AM 422 SB 205 Provide for the Hire Montana First Act Robyn Driscoll  (D) SD 25
9:00 AM 303 HB 25 Revise laws relating to housing for offenders Margaret (Margie) MacDonald  (D) HD 51
8:00 AM 422 SB 234 Revise tax and fees for professional liability insurance Fred Thomas  (R) SD 44
3:00 PM 152 HB 332 Revise laws related to mental illness precommitment costs Nicholas Schwaderer  (R) HD 14
3:00 PM 152 HB 337 Increase resource limits for medicaid program for workers with disabilities Jessica Karjala  (D) HD 48
3:00 PM 422 SB 213 Provide for school safety Fred Thomas  (R) SD 44
3:00 PM 303 SB 218 Increase bond for certain metal mines Mary Sheehy Moe  (D) SD 12


Download a daily hearing schedule here


MACo legislation and associated resolutions for the 64th Legislative Session.  Please note that bill information will be posted as it becomes available.

MACo Bill Statuses
Res. No. Res. Short Title Bill LC Requestor/Sponsor Bill Short Title Action
2012-02 Board of Adjustment Appeals HB193 LC1350 Representative Daniel Salomon Revise board of adjustment appeal process related to county zoning (H) Hearing --
(H) Local Government
01/20/2015; 3:00 PM, Rm 172
2012-20 State Agency Coordination -- -- -- -- --
2014-01 Access Conveyance Fees for Easements Across State Trust Lands -- -- -- -- --
2014-02 Assignment of Road Street Addresses by Local Government HB187 LC0555 Representative Tom Steenberg Clarify laws pertaining to assignment of road/street addresses (H) Hearing --
(H) Local Government
01/20/2015; 3:00 PM, Rm 172
2014-03 Clarifying Eligible Voters in Certain Elections SB 119 LC1013 Senator Doug Kary Clarify eligible voters in certain elections (S) Hearing --
(S) Business, Labor, and Economic Affairs
01/20/2015; 8:00 AM, Rm 422
2014-04 Contracting for the Confinement of Prisoners -- -- -- -- --
2014-05 County Ordinance for Compression Brakes -- LC1433 Representative Kirk Wagoner Establish of county laws for compression brake usage Draft Request Received
2014-06 County Road Permit Fees for Oversize & Overweight Vehicles -- -- -- -- --
2014-07 Determining Legal Status of County Roads & Public Roads in Counties -- LC1662 Tom Jacobson Provide for inventory of all county and public roads Draft Request Received
2014-08 Establish Development Agreements Under Montana Law -- LC1554 Senator Ed Buttrey Establish process to allow counties to enter into development agreements (C) Draft On Hold
2014-09 Extend Sunset on Enhanced 9-1-1 Fund Distribution HB112 LC0824 Representative Keith Regier Extend sunset on enhanced 9-1-1 fund distribution (H) Transmitted to Senate
2014-10 Funding for Control of Aquatic Invasive Species n/a n/a n/a n/a MACo is to support legislation.
2014-11 Generally Revise Laws Applicable to County Government -- LC0770 Representative Rob Cook Generally revise laws applicable to county government (C) Draft Ready for Delivery
2014-12 Historic Road Right-of-Way Deed Purchase -- LC1974 Senator Bruce Tutvedt Extend historic county road or utility right-of-way application dates (C) Draft in Legal Review
2014-13 Noxious Weed Control Funding n/a n/a n/a n/a MACo was to support MWCA legislation, but they decided to not come forward with it.
2014-14 Retirees as Independent Contractors SB121 LC1039 Senator Doug Kary Revise laws related to public employee retirement system (S) Referred to Committee --
(S) State Administration
2014-15 State Assistance for Montana Livestock Producers to Manage
Livestock in Carnivore Country
HB145 LC1705 Representative Mike Cuffe Revise laws related to livestock loss (H) Hearing --
(H) Agriculture
01/20/2015; 3:00 PM, Rm 137
2014-16 Wind Generation Impact Fees SB111 LC1332 Senator Duane Ankney Clarify wind generation facility impact fee for local governmental units

(H) Referred to Committee --
(H) Federal Relations, Energy, and Telecommunications

* after a status indicates the bill is probably dead:"Probably Dead" is a Bill Progress Category and is assigned to those bills that have been voted down or missed a transmittal deadline and to those bill drafts that have been canceled. To revive a bill that is "probably dead" typically requires a supermajority vote (usually a 2/3 vote) by the House or Senate.

MACo Policy Statements & Resolutions

2014-2016 MACo Policy BookletThe 2014-2016 MACo Policy Booklet contains our resolutions and policy statements that were adopted as of our Annual Conference in Kalispell, Montana, September 24, 2014. Individual resolutions can be viewed on the "Resolution" pages of the website (click on "Resolutions" in the left column menu).

IMPORTANT NOTE: MACo Resolutions are NOT to be copied or distributed as support or opposition of any legislative bill without the prior consent of MACo Administration or a MACo member.

Download Policy Booklet Here

MACo Legislative Updates

Issue 6, Legislative Update: January 30, 2015

This is the latest issue of MACo's Legislative Update for the 64th Legislative Session.

This week’s issue features the projected calendar for the entire session as well as the hearings schedule for the week.  Don’t forget to check out the bills section; we’ve listed the MACo bills as well as bills we are watching thus far—the MACo bills and higher priority bills include some additional information to better inform our readers.

Read Latest Legislative Update Here

January 28, 2015

Read the Bill:  HTML  |  PDF  |  Additional Information

UPDATE:  HB 182 died on the House Floor today on a 41-59 vote during its second Third Reading after being revived January 28 on a 54-46 vote.

Please contact your Representatives IMMEDIATELY regarding HB 182, Require that zoning be adopted before use of land can be regulated (carried by Representative Forrest Mandeville).  It was revived on the House Floor today on 54-46 vote (click link to see how your Representative voted) after it had died yesterday on a 50-50 vote  (click link to see how your Representative voted) on third reading.   HB 182 will again have a third reading tomorrow (Thursday, January 29), so we need to act fast.

Listed here are the bills that MACo is watching, which are scheduled to be heard for the current week. Higher priority bills are in bold.  Download a daily hearing schedule here (includes all bills, not just MACo priorities).

July 23, 2014
Sonja Nowakowski, ETIC Staff

The Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee (ETIC) in July approved a revised draft report and a draft bill on the RPS and a second draft bill on a telecommunications topic in order to seek public comment. The ETIC accepted public comment on the draft RPS report in June. During the ETIC's July meeting, however, committee members revised the report and adopted a set of findings and recommendations. The comment period ends August 20. Please submit comments to snowakowski@mt.govor mail them to the ETIC at P.O. Box 201706, Helena, MT 59620-1706.

July 2, 2014

This week's chart created by the Legislative Fiscal Division is on the Montana Digital Academy.  The chart shows the number of students that enrolled and completed courses through the Montana Digital Academy.  To see the chart, follow the link below.

June 26, 2014
Sonja Nowakowski, ETIC Staff

The Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee (ETIC) has just completed a publication to assist the public in learning about energy issues in Montana.

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WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today issued the 2015 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes.

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