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2014-2016 MACo Policy Booklet | Status of MACo Bills

MACo Policy Statements & Resolutions

2014-2016 MACo Policy BookletThe 2014-2016 MACo Policy Booklet contains our resolutions and policy statements that were adopted as of our Annual Conference in Kalispell, Montana, September 24, 2014. Individual resolutions can be viewed on the "Resolution" pages of the website (click on "Resolutions" in the left column menu).

IMPORTANT NOTE: MACo Resolutions are NOT to be copied or distributed as support or opposition of any legislative bill without the prior consent of MACo Administration or a MACo member.

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MACo legislation and associated resolutions for the 64th Legislative Session.  Please note that bill information will be posted as it becomes available.

MACo Bill Statuses
Res. No. Res. Short Title Bill LC Requestor/Sponsor Bill Short Title Action
2012-02 Board of Adjustment Appeals   LC1350 Representative Daniel Salomon Revise board of adjustment appeal process related to county zoning Draft Request Received
2012-20 State Agency Coordination          
2014-01 Access Conveyance Fees for Easements Across State Trust Lands          
2014-02 Assignment of Road Street Addresses by Local Government   LC0555 Representative Tom Steenberg Clarify laws pertaining to assignment of road/street addresses Draft to Requester for Review
2014-03 Clarifying Eligible Voters in Certain Elections   LC1013 Senator Doug Kary Clarify eligible voters in certain elections Draft to Requester for Review
2014-04 Contracting for the Confinement of Prisoners          
2014-05 County Ordinance for Compression Brakes   LC1433 Representative Kirk Wagoner Establish of county laws for compression brake usage Draft Request Received
2014-06 County Road Permit Fees for Oversize & Overweight Vehicles          
2014-07 Determining Legal Status of County Roads & Public Roads in Counties          
2014-08 Establish Development Agreements Under Montana Law   LC1554 Senator Ed Buttrey Establish process to allow counties to enter into development agreements Draft Request Received
2014-09 Extend Sunset on Enhanced 9-1-1 Fund Distribution   LC0824 Representative Keith Regier Extend sunset on enhanced 9-1-1 fund distribution Pre-Introduction Letter Sent
2014-10 Funding for Control of Aquatic Invasive Species n/a n/a n/a n/a MACo is to support legislation.
2014-11 Generally Revise Laws Applicable to County Government   LC0770 Representative Rob Cook Generally revise laws applicable to county government Draft Request Received
2014-12 Historic Road Right-of-Way Deed Purchase   LC1974 Senator Bruce Tutvedt Extend historic county road or utility right-of-way application dates Draft Request Received
2014-13 Noxious Weed Control Funding n/a n/a n/a n/a MACo was to support MWCA legislation, but they decided to not come forward with it.
2014-14 Retirees as Independent Contractors   LC1039 Senator Doug Kary Revise laws related to public employee retirement system Draft Request Received
2014-15 State Assistance for Montana Livestock Producers to Manage
Livestock in Carnivore Country
    Representative Jeff Welborn   In Process
2014-16 Wind Generation Impact Fees   LC1332 Senator Duane Ankney Clarify wind generation facility impact fee for local governmental units Draft to Requester for Review

* after a status indicates the bill is probably dead:"Probably Dead" is a Bill Progress Category and is assigned to those bills that have been voted down or missed a transmittal deadline and to those bill drafts that have been canceled. To revive a bill that is "probably dead" typically requires a supermajority vote (usually a 2/3 vote) by the House or Senate.

Interim Meetings & Updates

January 05, 2015 - April 27, 2015
July 23, 2014
Sonja Nowakowski, ETIC Staff

The Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee (ETIC) in July approved a revised draft report and a draft bill on the RPS and a second draft bill on a telecommunications topic in order to seek public comment. The ETIC accepted public comment on the draft RPS report in June. During the ETIC's July meeting, however, committee members revised the report and adopted a set of findings and recommendations. The comment period ends August 20. Please submit comments to snowakowski@mt.govor mail them to the ETIC at P.O. Box 201706, Helena, MT 59620-1706.

July 2, 2014

This week's chart created by the Legislative Fiscal Division is on the Montana Digital Academy.  The chart shows the number of students that enrolled and completed courses through the Montana Digital Academy.  To see the chart, follow the link below.

June 26, 2014
Sonja Nowakowski, ETIC Staff

The Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee (ETIC) has just completed a publication to assist the public in learning about energy issues in Montana.

June 25, 2014

This week's chart from the Legislative Fiscal Division shows K-12 graduation rates for Montana and on the national level.  The formula used to calculate the graduation rate in Montana changed in 2011, so the line for Montana shows a break to further depict that change.  To see the chart, follow the link below.

June 18, 2014

This week's chart shows Montana student enrollment in kindergarden-high school.  The amounts include public, private and home school enrollments.  To see the chart, follow the link below.

Featured Content

MACo Seeking Administrative/Enrollment Assistant small sticky image

Posted Date: 
November 19, 2014
Sheryl Wood, Associate Director, Montana Association of Counties

The Montana Association of Counties (MACo) is seeking an Administrative/Enrollment Assistant for its Health Care Trust public entity risk sharing pool.

MEMO: Courthouse Closures on Non-Legal Holidays small sticky image

Posted Date: 
November 20, 2013
Mike Sehestedt, MACo General Counsel & Personnel Services

To:  All County Elected Officials

MACo has been asked whether or not County Courthouses and County Offices may be closed on the day after Thanksgiving (or on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Good Friday or any other day not specified as a holiday).  The short answer to the question is no for all of the line county offices headed by elected officials with the notable exception of the County Commissioner’s office.

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December 10, 2014

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today issued the 2015 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes.

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