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2019 New Year's "Resolutions" & Reminders

Posted Date: 
November 30, 2018
Eric Bryson, MACo Executive Director

It’s time once again for the Annual New Year’s Resolutions reminders! This is to remind you of certain duties and requirements for Commissioners. The first Commission meeting of the year is a good time to adopt policies and set guidelines for the year.

Closing County Offices/Courthouses on Non-legal Holidays

Posted Date: 
November 16, 2018
McKenzie McCarthy, MACo General Counsel

We frequently get asked whether or not County Courthouses and County offices may be closed on Christmas Eve, Good Friday, or any other day not specified as a holiday.  For all County offices headed by elected officials, with the notable exception of the County Commissioners’ office, the answer is No.  However, County offices and operations not enumerated in MCA Section 7-4-2211 (i.e.; the Commissioners’ office and various departments) may be closed.  Please click the link below for further information.

MACo PCT/WCT Seeking Sr. Public Safety Loss Control Specialist

Posted Date: 
August 31, 2018

The Montana Association of Counties (MACo) is seeking a Sr. Public Safety Loss Control Specialist for its property and liability (PCT) and workers’ compensation (WCT) public entity risk sharing pools. The primary focus of this position is to develop and administer the loss prevention program for member law enforcement agencies in the PCT and WCT. The position will coordinate internal and external program resources, including working with the Montana Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association and other agencies serving the Montana law enforcement community. This position evaluates the effectiveness of the PCT and WCT loss prevention programs for law enforcement and recommends risk management responses to emerging law enforcement trends. Position must show demonstrable results within two (2) year contract term.

Get Started: Inmate Medical Program

Are inmate medical costs draining your county budgets?

MACo is proud to partner with NACo and Correctional Risk Services (CRS) to offer two programs to help Montana counties contain the costs of medical care for county inmates.  Enroll Today!

Current Issue of MACo News

MACo News: Volume 47, No. 12

IN THIS ISSUE: Read some comments from MACo President, Madison County Commissioner, Jim Hart; be sure to check out our New Year's "Resolutions" and Reminders; followup with an article by MACo General Counsel, McKenzie McCarthy, about closing county offices on non-legal holidays; meet the new member of the MACo family, Mark Higgins, Defense Counsel; find out more about county elected officials around the state in our "Official Profile;" check out our "Safety Corner;" be "in the know" about what is occurring on the national level with news from NACo, and more!

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Legislative Updates

June 4, 2018

The last of six monthly general fund revenue collections updates is available on the Legislative Fiscal Division website.  Monthly year-to-date revenue collections reports will be produced throughout the second half of FY 2018 and are designed to apprise interested members of the legislature on year-to-date general fund revenue collections, recent economic trends and the outlook for FY 2018 relative to the revenue estimate contained in HJ 2.

The LFD revenue team will be presenting the information as a part of the June Budget Status Report to the Legislative Finance Committee on June 18th.

Click Here to View the Revenue Update

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