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Listed below are the bills that MACo is watching, which are scheduled to be heard for the current week. Higher priority bills are in bold.  Download a daily hearing schedule here (includes all bills, not just MACo priorities).  Be sure to scroll down the list to see everything.

Tuesday, March 28
Time Room Bill No. Short Title Sponsor
8:00 AM 137 HB 632 Revise post conviction relief laws Shane A Morigeau  (D) HD 95
8:00 AM 152 HJ 2 Revenue estimating resolution Jeff Essmann  (R) HD 54
8:00 AM 422 SB 365 Generally revise laws regarding business and occupational licensing Tom Facey  (D) SD 50
8:00 AM 317 HB 2 General Appropriations Act Nancy Ballance  (R) HD 87
9:00 AM 405 SB 364 Revise tax exemption laws for certain nonprofit pharmacy operations Albert Olszewski  (R) SD 6
2:30 PM 405 HB 562 Exempt certain cell phone use from local ordinances Casey Knudsen  (R) HD 33
2:30 PM 405 SB 358 Revise laws regarding removal of highway encroachments Jill Cohenour  (D) SD 42
Wednesday, March 29
Time Room Bill No. Short Title Sponsor
8:00 AM 317 HB 217 Revise replacement schedule for regular license plates Randy Brodehl  (R) HD 9
8:00 AM 317 HB 44 Generally revise laws related to district court judge numbers Jeff Essmann  (R) HD 54
8:00 AM 317 HB 565 Revise entitlement share laws Rob Cook  (R) HD 18
9:00 AM 455 SB 43 Generally revise laws governing the long-range building program Jon C Sesso  (D) SD 37
3:00 PM 472 SB 299 Generally revise hydraulic fracturing disclosure Tom Richmond  (R) SD 28
3:00 PM 152 HJ 17 Interim study of prescription drug costs and pricing Jonathan Windy Boy  (D) HD 32
3:00 PM 422 HB 134 Revise school funding related to facilities Jeff Essmann  (R) HD 54
3:00 PM 317 HB 387 Authorize establishment of a 12-bed intensive behavioral center Kirk Wagoner  (R) HD 75
Thursday, March 30
Time Room Bill No. Short Title Sponsor
8:00 AM 137 SB 195 Generally revise laws related to unincorporated nonprofit associations Pat Connell  (R) SD 43
8:00 AM 137 SB 200 Revise laws related to disposition of certain property held by law enforcement Edward Buttrey  (R) SD 11
8:00 AM 137 SB 21 Code commissioner bill Edward Buttrey  (R) SD 11
8:00 AM 137 SB 300 Require health warning for raw milk sales Diane Sands  (D) SD 49
9:00 AM 405 HB 442 Provide property tax exemption for public parks Virginia Court  (D) HD 50
3:00 PM 172 HJ 25 Interim study of municipal fire protection Adam Hertz  (R) HD 96
3:00 PM 317 HB 216 Require bonding for wind development Jim Keane  (D) HD 73
Friday, March 31
Time Room Bill No. Short Title Sponsor
8:00 AM 137 SB 22 Revise laws re termination of parental rights when child is result of rape Sue Malek  (D) SD 46
8:00 AM 137 SB 250 Revise laws for prosecutorial immunity for Marsy's law Nels Swandal  (R) SD 30


Download a Daily Hearing Schedule Here

MACo legislation and associated resolutions for the 65th Legislative Session.  Please note that bill information will be posted as it becomes available.

MACo Bill Statuses
Res. No. Res. Short Title Bill LC Requestor/Sponsor Bill Short Title Action
2016-01 Allow Counties to Set Bounties on Predators HB 305 LC2143 Representative Bill Harris Revising laws related to county bounties on predators

Chapter Number Assigned

2016-02 Authorization for Phasing in MT Subdivision & Platting Act HB 445 LC0448 Representative Edward Greef Revise local government subdivision review laws

(S) Hearing --
(S) Local Gov.
03/27/2017; 3:00 PM, Rm 405

2016-03 Combining Special Purpose District Elections SB 274 LC1591 Senator Ed Buttrey Revise and clarify special purpose district election laws

(H) Committee Report--Bill Concurred --
(H) State Administration

2016-04 County Printing (being combined with our omnibus bill) HB 405 LC1382 Representative Rob Cook Generally revise laws applicable to county government

(S) Returned to House with Amendments

2016-05 Detention Costs in County Jails HB 302 LC2175 Representative Moffie Funk Revise laws related to incarceration and county detention centers

(H) Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal*

2016-06 Funding for State Secondary Roads SB 194 LC1270 Senator Mike Lang Revise state secondary highway system funding laws

(S) Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal*

2016-07 Generally Revise Laws Applicable to County Government HB 405 LC1382 Representative Rob Cook Generally revise laws applicable to county government

(S) Returned to House with Amendments

2016-08 Immunization Record Disclosure HB 293 LC1737 Representative Kathy Kelker Revise requirements related to release of patient immunization information

(H) Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal*

2016-09 Junk Vehicle Capital Reserve HB 152 LC1398 Representative Tom Welch Authorize counties to establish junk vehicle capital improvement funds

(H) Signed by Governor

2016-10 Mail Ballot Voting SB 305 LC1782 Senator Steve Fitzpatrick Specifying how election to fill U.S. representative vacancy will be conducted

(H) Hearing --
(H) Judiciary
03/23/2017; 8:00 AM, Rm 137
(Awaiting Executive Action)

2016-11 Minor Subdivision Review HB 317 LC1488 Representative Walt Sales Allow for a public hearing for first minor subdivision

(H) Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal*

2016-12 Noxious Weed Trust Fund HB 410 LC1183 Representative Ray Shaw Increase funding for noxious weed trust fund

(H) Committee Report--Bill Passed as Amended --
(H) Agriculture

2016-13 Retirees as Independent Contractors HB 101 LC0315 For PERB by SAVA Interim Committee Generally revise MPERA public employee retirement systems

(S) Returned to House with Amendments

2016-14 Review Standard for MT Subdivision & Platting Act HB 416 LC0447 Representative Edward Greef Revise local government subdivision review

(S) Returned to House with Amendments

2016-15 Road Tracts on Plats & Certificates of Survey as Co Roads HB 319 LC1180 Representative Jeff Essmann Provide process for designating roads as public

(H) Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal*

2016-16 Setting Speed Limits HB 459 LC1703 Representative Willis Curdy Revise local government authority of certain speed limits

(S) Tabled in Committee --
(S) Highways and Transportation

2016-17 Sheriffs' Retirement System Funding HB 383 LC1780 Representative Geraldine Custer Provide actuarial required funding for Sheriff''s Retirement System

(S) Hearing --
(S) State Administration
03/20/2017; 3:00 PM, Rm 335
(Awaiting Executive Action)

2016-18 Support for Biocontrol of Noxious Weeds n/a n/a n/a n/a

Not an issue for the Montana Legislature

2016-19 Taxation on Trust Lands HB 615 LC1644 Representative Greg Hertz Revise tax laws for property within Indian reservation boundaries

(H) Hearing --
(H) Taxation
03/24/2017; 8:00 AM, Rm 152
(Awating Executive Action)

2016-20 Uncontested City Elections HB 447 LC0725 Representative Ross H Fitzgerald Authorize cancelation of local uncontested general elections by municipalities

(S) Returned to House

2016-21 Uniform Process for Disposal of Surplus Co. Real Property HB 373 LC1904 Representative Bruce Grubbs Revise county property disposal

(S) Hearing --
(S) Local Government
03/15/2017; 3:00 PM, Rm 405
(Awaiting Executive Action)

2016-22 Wilderness Characteristics Inventory n/a n/a n/a n/a

Not an issue for the Montana Legislature

2016-CCO Retention Limits for Law Enforcement Generated Audio/Video Media -- -- -- -- --
2016-HRC Extend Sunset from Hard-Rock Statutory Appropriation HB 156 LC1027 Representative Forrest Madeville Extend statutory appropriation from hard rock mining impact trust account

(S) Returned to House with Amendments

2016-RET Define Independent Contractor in Retirement Laws -- LC1308 Senator Doug Kary Revise public retirement laws related to independent contractors

(C) Draft On Hold
(This is just a placeholder--see HB 101)

* after a status indicates the bill is probably dead:"Probably Dead" is a Bill Progress Category and is assigned to those bills that have been voted down or missed a transmittal deadline and to those bill drafts that have been canceled. To revive a bill that is "probably dead" typically requires a supermajority vote (usually a 2/3 vote) by the House or Senate.

MACo Policy Statements & Resolutions

2016-2018 MACo Policy BookletThe 2016-2018 MACo Policy Booklet contains our resolutions and policy statements that were adopted as of our Annual Conference in Billings, Montana, September 21, 2016.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MACo Resolutions are NOT to be copied or distributed as support or opposition of any legislative bill without the prior consent of MACo Administration or a MACo member.

Download Policy Booklet Here

MACo Legislative Updates

Issue 14, Legislative Update: March 25, 2017

This is the most recent issue of MACo's Legislative Update for the 65th Legislative Session.

This week’s issue features the hearing schedule for the upcoming week as well as the session calendar for the entire 90 days. Don’t forget to check out the bills section; we’ve listed the MACo bills as well as bills we are watching—the MACo bills and higher priority bills include some additional information to better inform our readers.

Read Latest Legislative Update Here

The Legislative Fiscal Division has posted the latest Chart of the Week. This week's chart is on the bed tax distribution to counties. This is the third chart in a series on tourism.

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The Legislative Fiscal Division has posted the latest Chart of the Week. This week's chart shows the lodging tax revenue distribution by agency or fund.  This is the second chart in a series on tourism.

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June 1, 2016

The June 2016 issue of The Interim newsletter is now available.  This month's Back Page article offers a peek backstage at legislative services.

Past issues of The Interim are also available on the Legislative Branch website.

The Interim is a monthly newsletter containing articles about Montana legislative committee meetings and other state legislative activities between legislative session.

Click Here to Download this Issue of the Interim Newsletter

The Legislative Fiscal Division has posted the latest Chart of the Week. This week's chart is on lodging tax distribution by county. This is the first chart in a series on tourism. Next week's chart will have more information on the distribution of these funds.

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The Legislative Fiscal Division has posted the latest Chart of the Week. This week's chart is on historical wage growth in Montana. The data in this chart was obtained through the  Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages program.

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  • January 26, 2017 - Kalispell  (click here to access the campus map)
    Flathead County South Campus Building #7, Conference Room, Second Floor, Southeast Corner, 11 Street West and South Main
  • February 1, 2017 - Great Falls
    Montana Expo Park, 400 3rd Street NW, (406) 727-8900
  • April 18, 2017 - Glasgow
    City-County Library, 408 3rd Avenue South, (406) 228-2731
  • April 19, 2017 - Miles City
    Sleep Inn, 1006 South Haynes Avenue, (406) 232-3000
  • April 20, 2017 - Billings
    Metra Park, 308 6th Avenue North, Stillwater Room
  • April 21, 2017 - Butte
    Best Western Plus Butte Plaza Inn, 2900 Harrison Avenue, (406) 494-3500

If you are signing up multiple people, please submit one registration per person.

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January 17, 2017

The grant application was produced by the Grant Review Subcommittee of the Montana Land Information Advisory Council in cooperation with the Montana State Library. Grant criteria are established based on the original intent of the Montana Land Information Act and the goals and objectives from the annual Montana Land Information Plan. Click the link below for more information.