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Montana Counties & Contact Information

Montana County Commission Mailing Labels (formatted for Avery label 5161)

A map of Montana counties; each county links to its official information, such as elected officials, courthouse address, county seats, and more.

NACo collects information on counties, such as county officials, courthouse addresses, county seats, cities within a county as well as various statistical and geographical information. To view information about a Montana county, please click on the following link: and follow the steps below:

  1. choose the "state search" option in the upper right corner;
  2. choose "Montana" from the drop down list that appears to the right after clicking the "state search" option;
  3. a map of the counties will appear; click on a county to get the information; or
  4. you can search for the name of the county in the search box.

For more detailed information, we have a directory of Montana county officials that includes contact information for each elected county official.  Click the following link to purchase a directory: