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Community Health Center New Access Point Grant Opportunity Announced - Watch for grant guidance!

Posted Date: 
December 13, 2013
Mary Beth Frideres, Montana Primary Care Association

Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced funding that will be available for new Community Health Center sites. Interested communities can apply for federal funding for sites that are satellites of established health centers in Montana (see map, here scroll down for contact information), or standalone (new) Community Health Centers.

View announcement here.

Community Health Centers:

  • Local, non-profit health care organizations serving low income and medically underserved communities;
  • Located in high need areas (must have a Medically Underserved Area or Medically Underserved Population designation);
  • Governed by a consumer majority community board to assure responsiveness to local needs;
  • Receive a federal grant to provide comprehensive primary and preventive care;
  • Provide services available to all with fees adjusted based on ability to pay;
  • Held to strict performance/accountability standards for administrative, clinical, and financial operations; and
  • Provide comprehensive primary medical, dental, and mental health services and submit data to the Bureau of Primary Care/HRSA on health outcomes.

More information about Community Health Centers here.

Any public or non-profit private entity may apply for health center funds. This Includes, but is not limited to, federally recognized Tribes, Tribal Organizations and Urban Indian Health Programs (see announcement). An estimated $150M will be available and approximately 250 applications will be funded from across the nation. Communities can apply for a maximum of $650,000 per annual grant award. Funding is ongoing depending on federal funding availability, operational effectiveness, and the ability of the center to comply with program requirements.

Unfortunately, there is no grant guidance linked this this announcement which would answer questions about the opportunity. Because of the estimated application due date of February 5, 2014, however, we felt it important to notify everyone that funding is available and a grant guidance is coming. We will send the guidance to all interested parties when we receive it.

If you are interested in applying for a Community Health Center grant, please notify Mary Beth Frideres at the Montana Primary Care Association (MPCA). MPCA is the statewide association of Community Health Centers and our staff can provide excellent technical support and assist you in developing your application.

Mary Beth Frideres | | (406) 431-3453