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County & Tribal Matching Grant Applications for SFY 2018 & 2019

Posted Date: 
June 23, 2017
Helen Higgins, MMIS Analyst, DPHHS, Addictive & Mental Disorders Division

Since 2009, a County Matching Grant program has been in place to address the critical need for crisis intervention and jail diversion in Montana communities.  To provide appropriate care for those in mental health crisis, many Montana communities have no other option but to incarcerate or transport these individuals long distances to the Montana State Hospital (MSH), the state’s only public acute psychiatric hospital.

The lack of crisis intervention and jail diversion alternatives means communities must rely on the MSH for emergency and court ordered detention, and evaluation which increases costs for the community, strains the MSH, and diverts resources from community based services. Per Montana Code Annotated 53-21-1201, 53-21-1202, and 53-21-1203, theCounty and Tribal Matching Grant program funding consists of crisis intervention, jail diversion, insurance coverage against catastrophic precommitment costs if an insurance pool is established, and short-term inpatient treatment costs.

State matching funds granted to communities is a way to share costs and provide incentives for local resources to be spent on community-based treatment capacity rather than on jail capacity or on transportation to, and capacity in, the MSH.  The program also encourages collaboration between local law enforcement officers, mental health professionals, and private corporations to offer creative solutions that can be sustained.  The match funding was designated to be used to support new projects or enhance current ones.  Some examples of projects that have been supported by matching grant funds in the past include: development of new crisis stabilization facilities, crisis intervention training, and salaries for additional county mental health staff.

Through House Bill 328, the 2017 Montana Legislature revised the statute to offer the matching grant fund opportunity to federally recognized tribal governments as well as extend the grant period from one year to two, allowing additional time for counties and tribes to meet the community’s project goals.

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS), Addictive and Mental Disorders Division (AMDD) is accepting applications for State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2018 and 2019 for the County and Tribal Matching Grant program.  County government representatives, including county commissions, county attorney and county sheriff, and federally recognized tribal governments are eligible to apply for a grant to provide services under this program.  This request for application is also submitted to interested parties in all regions who may be open to a County or Tribal Matching Grant partnership with the county or tribe.  All county and tribal applicants desiring consideration for SFY2018 and SFY2019 funding must submit an application, regardless of previous award.

Two-year grant funding is available for SFY2018 and SFY2019; projects must be achievable by June 30, 2019. Program or operational costs as well as start up or infrastructure development can be considered to best meet the crisis intervention and jail diversion needs of your community.  The proposed programs must be designed to provide 24-hour emergency admission and care of persons suffering from a mental disorder and requiring commitment in a temporary, safe environment in the community as an alternative to placement in jail.

The goals of the County and Tribal Matching Grant program are to:

  • support the treatment of mental illness closer to home by increasing local treatment capacity and creating better treatment outcomes;
  • increase the number of intervention and jail diversion options that may provide judges, county attorneys, and law enforcement with alternatives to incarceration; 
  • establish and support collaboration among community stakeholders to address community needs; 
  • reduce or eliminate detention center access for individuals with serious mental illness or co-occurring serious mental illness and substance use disorders so they can remain in their respective communities;
  • reduce reliance on the MSH for emergency and court ordered detention and evaluation; and
  • reduce reliance on MSH when lower levels of care and services in the community are appropriate.

The complete County and Tribal Matching Grant application contains the following (click the links to access the documents):

The deadline for submission of County and Tribal Matching Grant applications is August 4, 2017.  Applications may be mailed via hardcopy to:  Helen Higgins, 100 N. Park Avenue, Suite 300, Helena, MT 59601 and be postmarked by midnight; or submitted electronically using the AMDD secure email address at  Contracts will be awarded around August 31, 2017.  Please contact Helen Higgins at or 406-444-3055 with questions.

Helen Higgins | | 406-444-3055