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2013-2014 Interim Study Resolution Assignments

Listed below are the Interim Study Resolutions that have been filed with the Secretary of State as well as the results of the 2013 Interim Study Poll, based on ballots sent April 25 and returned through May 9. The rank of each study is shown in the far left column, and the total points received are in the far right column.  These assignments were adopted by Legislative Council on May 16, 2013.

Rank Res. Short Title/Subject Interim Committee (IC) Assignment Points
1 HJ 17 Study state pay plans  Legislative Finance Committee 1090
2 SJ 15 Study public land management  Environmental Quality Council 1015
3 HJ 1 Study structure and duties of office of comm of political practices  State Administration and Veterans' Affairs IC 983
3 SJ 6 Study the impacts of Montana's renewable portfolio standard  Energy & Telecommunications IC 983
5 HJ 16 Study state-operated public institutions  Children, Families, Health & Human Services IC 961
6 HJ 25 Study workers' compensation and subrogation,  other issues  Economic Affairs IC 825
7 SJ 20 Study prescription drug abuse  Children, Families, Health & Human Services IC 809
8 SJ 23 Study the tax appeal process  Revenue & Transportation IC 804
9 SJ 22 Study family law procedure alternatives  Law & Justice IC 785
10 SJ 3 Study the Board of Pardons and Parole  Law & Justice IC 725
11 HJ 2 Study state/local gov electronic records management  Education & Local Government IC 665
12 HJ 26 Study water ditch/canal easement restatement process options  Water Policy Committee 640
13 SJ 26 Study commerce corridors along Montana highways  Revenue & Transportation IC 628
14 SJ 14 Study local government election procedures  State Administration and Veterans' Affairs IC 604
15 SJ 24 Study military training applicability to civilian jobs  Economic Affairs IC 558
16 SJ 4 Study Virginia City,  Nevada City, and Reeder's Alley  Environmental Quality Council 542
17 HJ 30 Study benefits for veterans Information Request (Staff)* 524
NA HB 609 Study of hunting and fishing licensing Environmental Quality Council NA
NA HB 633 Create select committee on efficiency in government--members--duties Select Committee (Vetoed/Poll) NA
NA SJ 13 Request MUS to study college completion Goes directly to MUS for their consideration NA

Mean Average points = 773 (SJR 22) Median points = 785 (SJR 22) BALLOTS = 107 returned as of 5 p.m., May 9, 2011 (71%). These rankings were compiled from the 107 "ballots" received by LSD as of 5 p.m., Thursday, May 9.

* Legislative Staff recommended that the study of statutory benefits provided to military veterans not be assigned to an interim committee but, instead, be conducted by staff as an information request. The staff's compilation of statutory veterans' benefits would be specifically presented to: State Admin. and Vets' Affairs; EQC; Children and Families; Economic Affairs; Revenue and Transportation; and, if requested, to other committees, including the Legislative Finance Committee.

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