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! URGENT ! - Immediate Action Needed on HB 206, Increase Justice Court Filing Fees

Posted Date: 
February 4, 2013

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House Bill 206 - Increase fees in Justice Court is on second reading in the House today. Please contact your Representative IMMEDIATELY requesting they support House Bill 206.  (Click here to find your Representative.)

The bill was amended in committee to provide a phase-in of the filing fee from $25 to $50.  While that is not our preference, we can live with it.

The bill barely made it out of committee on an 11-9 vote:


YEAS - 11 NAYS - 9

  • N Bennett, Gerald (Jerry)
  • N Blasdel, Mark; by Proxy
  • Y Court, Virginia
  • N Doane, Alan
  • Y Eck, Jennifer
  • N Fiscus, Clayton
  • Y Gursky, Jenifer
  • Y Halvorson, David
  • Y Hill, Ellie Boldman
  • N Kerns, Krayton
  • N Laszloffy, Sarah
  • N Lenz, Dennis R.
  • Y Lynch, Ryan
  • Y MacDonald, Margaret (Margie)
  • N O'Neil, Jerry
  • Y Pease-Lopez, Carolyn
  • Y Regier, Keith; by Proxy
  • Y Smith, Bridget
  • N Wagoner, Kirk
  • Y Warburton, Wendy

House Bill 206 increases user fees to reduce cost shifting to local property taxpayers

The fees do not cover the costs to provide the services to citizens when they are unable to resolve disagreements between parties and turn to the courts to provide equitable solutions for civil actions and small claims court.

House Bill 206 increases fees at rates approximately the same as inflation since they were last increased.

The $25 fees being increased over time to $50 have not been changed since 1989

$25.00 in 1989 is equal to $46.29 in 2012 dollars*

The $10.00 fees being increased to $20.00 have not changed since 1983

$10.00 in 1983 is equal to $23.05 in 2012 dollars*

*US Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics