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Urgent: DOR Meeting to Discuss SB 56

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May 13, 2014
Harold Blattie, Executive Director, Montana Association of Counties

During the 2013 Legislature, the Department of Revenue proposed legislation (SB 56) that would transfer the responsibility for placing “ fee-based specials” on the county’s property tax bill from DOR to each county.  That legislation ultimately failed, and MACo agreed to continue the discussion over the interim.

We recently announced that the DOR has created a Local Government Advisory Committee as a venue to discuss issues such as this.  That committee met recently, and it was determined that a meeting should be held between DOR and both treasurers and commissioners with their software vendors to discuss both the policy question and the technical aspects.  Then the group will divide into two rooms, Tyler and Black Mountain, and give everyone a chance to see what their software provider can offer, ask questions, and learn what this change would entail in both workload and cost.  DOR is working with the software providers, so they will be prepared for the meeting.

Afterward, there will be some time for just the commissioners and treasurers to talk as a group.  The meeting will conclude with a discussion (with DOR) about how the group would prefer to proceed.

It is vitally important that this meeting be attended by both treasurers and commissioners (as well as anyone that would need to be doing this entry work). It is very important that this is fully discussed and that all ideas and opinions are fully vetted.

DOR needs to have an attendance count so we ask that you let either Harold Blattie or Ronda Wiggers know as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Meeting Information

Red Lion Hotel, Helena
June 17, 2014
1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
1 large room – 75 people
2 small rooms – 30-40 people

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