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Law & Justice Interim Committee June Update

Posted Date: 
June 4, 2012
Dave Bohyer, Committee Staff

Law and Justice Panel Approves Restorative Justice Legislation

At its April 19-20 meeting, the Law and Justice Interim Committee approved several preliminary bill drafts as committee bills and will continue to work on other bill drafts in June.

The committee's main focus this interim has been the Senate Joint Resolution 29 study of restorative justice and the development of recommendations for the next Legislature.

The idea behind restorative justice is to establish criminal justice practices that elevate the role of crime victims and community members in the criminal justice process and that hold offenders directly accountable to the people and communities they have harmed. Restorative justice is aimed at restoring emotional and material losses and providing a range of opportunities for victims and offenders. It promotes community dialog, negotiation, and problem solving to bring about a greater sense of justice, repair harm, provide restitution, reduce incarceration and recidivism rates, and increase public safety.

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