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"By the Numbers" Report Series

Posted Date: 
April 9, 2012

A new report series is available to help the public determine how their county might be affected by several proposed redistricting plans for redrawn state House districts. The reports combine maps and basic population data to highlight the options being considered by the Districting Commission. Each report includes the county's population as of the 2010 Census, maps of the county under each proposed redistricting plan, and various statistics about the makeup and population of each proposed district in the county.

Called By the Numbers, the reports are currently available for six counties: Broadwater, Chouteau, Fergus, Jefferson, Lake, and Pondera. Additional counties will be added throughout the spring.

The reports are available online at the commission's website, To access the reports from the main page, scroll down to the Publications list and click on "By the Numbers reports." Or, access the maps from the Maps portion of the website.

Additional maps and reports that provide in-depth information for each proposed redistricting plan continue to be available on the commission's website.

Download "By the Numbers" Reports Here