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Interim Updates

SAVA Interim Committee Update

Posted Date: 
August 22, 2013
Sheri Scurr, Legislative Research Analyst, SAVA Interim Committee

The Oct. 24 SAVA meeting was changed to Oct. 21.  Also, an SJR 14 Subcommittee on Combining Elections was appointed.  Finally, Sen. Lewis and Sen. Jent have been designated as SAVA's delegates to attend the TRS Board meeting September 27 and the PERS Board meeting October 10.  A fully summary of decisions can be viewed on SAVA's home page on the legislative website.

New EQC MEPA Resources Available

Posted Date: 
August 20, 2013
Maureen Theisen, Montana Environmental Quality Council

The Legislative Environmental Policy Office has available its latest edition of A Guide to the Montana Environmental Policy Act. New to the 2013 edition are legislative changes from the 2011 and 2013 Sessions, recent information on MEPA-related litigation, and a comprehensive list of state actions exempt from MEPA.

2013-2014 Interim Committees

During each legislative session, legislators identify issues they want to study in more depth. They appoint interim committees to conduct these and other studies during the interims between sessions. The House and Senate leadership decides on who will be on the interim committees for the interim. Therefore, the members of the interim committees serve one 20 month term. The committees often invite experts to present information to them. Members of the public also get a chance to have their say.

2013-2014 Interim Study Resolution Assignments

Click the link below to see a list of the Interim Study Resolutions that have been filed with the Secretary of State as well as their poll ranking.

Commissioner-proposed Senate pairings now available

Posted Date: 
November 27, 2012
Montana Districting & Apportionment Commission

Proposals to pair state House districts to create state Senate districts are now available on the website of the Montana Districting and Apportionment Commission. Individual commissioners submitted the proposals last week. The full commission will consider and vote upon the proposals at the commission's Friday, November 30th meeting.

MACo Pension Update: Pre-Session

Posted Date: 
November 16, 2012
Sheryl Wood, Associate Director, Montana Association of Counties

On April 10, 2012, the Governor released his legislative proposal regarding the unfunded pension liability.  The proposal was further elaborated on and defined during subsequent meetings of the State Administration and Veteran’s Affairs and Legislative Finance Committees.

CFH&HS Interim Committee Final Report Now Available

Posted Date: 
November 13, 2012
Sue O'Connell, Committee Research Analyst

The final report of the Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Interim Committee is now available online.

Montana Insurance Verification Memo

Posted Date: 
November 7, 2012
Harold Blattie, Executive Director, Montana Association of Counties & Ronda Wiggers, Lobbyist, Montana County Treasurers Association

Intended Audience:  Montana County Commissioners & Treasurers

Many of you are hearing about a presentation to the treasurers by Brenda Nordlund, Administrator of the Motor Vehicle Division, Montana Department of Justice about the new Montana Insurance Verification System (MITVS).

Water Policy Interim Committe Final Report Available

Posted Date: 
November 2, 2012

The final Water Policy Interim Committee report summarizing the work of the WPIC during the interim is now available. The report includes the committee's discussion of a wide variety of topics related to exempt wells including the amount of water used by exempt wells, the effects on other water rights, the enforcement of water rights, the relationship of exempt wells and land use, how other states deal with exempt wells, and the adequacy of existing programs. The report also includes the legislation the committee will present to the 2013 Legislature for debate.

EQC Final Study Reports Available

Posted Date: 
October 24, 2012

Reports summarizing the work of the Environmental Quality Council over the past interim are now available.