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Policy Statements

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MACo Policy Statements & Resolutions

2016-2018 MACo Policy BookletThe 2016-2018 MACo Policy Booklet contains our resolutions and policy statements that were adopted as of our Annual Conference in Billings, Montana, September 21, 2016.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MACo Resolutions are NOT to be copied or distributed as support or opposition of any legislative bill without the prior consent of MACo Administration or a MACo member.

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Agriculture Committee Policy Statements

The importance of agriculture to Montana citizens and the state's economy can’t be emphasized enough. Agriculture is Montana’s economic underpinning as the largest basic sector of Montana’s economy. MACo is committed to supporting legislation and policy that will positively influence the economic preservation of family-owned and operated farms and ranches.

Community, Economic Development & Labor Committee Policy Statements

MACo is committed to assisting counties in the worldwide transition to a global economy by adapting to the changes in technology, infrastructure, workforce development, marketing, and business development.

Energy Committee Policy Statements

MACo seeks a comprehensive and integrated approach to an energy policy that balances increased domestic oil and gas and coal production on public and privately owned lands.

Health & Human Services Committee Policy Statements

MACo supports the progressive broad definition of health, education and human services with emphasis on interdependency of programs. Governments are the primary providers of basic human services, and public health to protect and enhance the lives of citizens.

DESOLVED: Information Technology & Telecommunications Committee Policy Statements

MACo recognizes the need for coordination of information technology application among counties and implementation of current electronic modes of communication.  County government must address customer demands for accessible information, internet communication, and efficient government business transactions.

Justice & Public Safety Committee Policy Statements

MACo recognizes the current problems encountered by counties in the area of criminal justice and public safety. MACo encourages positive actions to promote and protect the public interest.

Land Use & Development Committee Policy Statements

MACo believes that the protection of the environment and the wise development and utilization of our natural resources are essential concerns of all citizens and all levels of government.

Public Lands Committee Policy Statements

MACo believes the most basic principle that must be followed in all actions by state and federal agencies is early consultation, cooperation, and coordination with local county officials, as well as municipal and tribal officials, who have been elected to represent the concerns of those directly affected by public land management decisions.

Resolutions & Legislative Committee Policy Statements

MACo’s basic objective is to strengthen county government in order to effectively manage the services they provide. County government is a subdivision of the state government with legislative, judicial and administrative powers.  Counties have the specific responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of county citizens through programs and services funded and provided at the local level.  Such essential services must be controlled at the local level to fit the needs unique to each county.