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Policy Statements

Resolutions & Legislative Committee Policy Statements

MACo’s basic objective is to strengthen county government in order to effectively manage the services they provide. County government is a subdivision of the state government with legislative, judicial, and administrative powers.  Counties have the specific responsibility to protect the health, safety, and welfare of county citizens through programs and services funded and provided at the local level.  Such essential services must be controlled at the local level to fit the needs unique to each county.

Taxation, Budget & Finance Committee Policy Statements

The Montana Association of Counties believes that local government is best able to provide programs and services that are responsive to unique local needs. Local governments should have broad authority to finance these services. This requires a revenue base that is stable and will provide adequate funding. Any method the State of Montana uses to generate revenue directly affects local governments. In the interest of maintaining the partnership between all levels of government, we expect the State of Montana and the federal government to honor existing commitments to local governments.

Transportation Committee Policy Statements

MACo promotes, offers suggestions and new ideas, investigates methods, and researches costs of providing improved and economical transportation for the public.