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Resolution 2016-12, Noxious Weed Trust Fund

It is the intent of the Montana Association of Counties to ensure adequate funding for county weed districts and reservations to enhance their terrestrial noxious weed management programs.

WHEREAS, the percentage of vehicle fee revenue as provided for in MCA 80-7-816 has not increased since 1989; and

WHEREAS, the amount of funding provided to each county weed district and reservation for the purposes of enhancing the noxious weed program is currently $7,500 per noxious weed management district; and

WHEREAS, costs associated with weed control and the implementation of county weed management plans are continually increasing; and

WHEREAS, the need for and cost of noxious weed control has increased; and

WHEREAS, an additional $1,000,000, or approximately $15,000 per county/reservation in is needed to focus on fighting terrestrial noxious weeds; and

WHEREAS, increasing revenue that is designated to fight noxious weeds will increase on the ground resources for noxious weed management.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Montana Association of Counties will seek to increase funding to the Noxious Weed Trust Fund to increase grants to counties and tribes to fight noxious weeds.


REFERRED TO: MACo Agriculture Committee; and MACo Public Lands Committee
ADOPTED:  Annual Conference, Billings, MT, September 21, 2016