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Resolution 2016-18, Support for Biocontrol of Noxious Weeds

It is the intent of the Montana Association of Counties to encourage a timelier and reasonable review system for biological weed control agents so that managers are encouraged to continue support of this valuable integrated weed management tool.

WHEREAS, biological control has proven itself to be a valuable tool for land managers throughout North America and it is an essential component to an ecological and integrated approach to the management of our most widespread invasive weeds; and

WHEREAS, delays in processing release permits for agents that have passed the rigorous research testing and have gained the approval of the USDA-APHIS Technical Advisory Group, has led some of these partners to reduce or remove their funding of biological control research altogether; and

WHEREAS, the current loss or reduction of funding will only compound the delays, and lead to even fewer biological weed control agents being researched for release.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Montana Association of Counties supports expediting the approval of new bio-agents to help reduce the negative impacts of invasive weeds in North America.


SPONSOR:  Hill County
REFERRED TO: MACo Agriculture Committee
ADOPTED:  Annual Conference, Billings, MT, September 21, 2016