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MACo Policy Statements & Resolutions

2018-2020 MACo Policy BookletThe 2018-2020 MACo Policy Booklet contains our resolutions and policy statements that were adopted as of our Annual Conference in Missoula, Montana, September 19, 2018.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MACo Resolutions are NOT to be copied or distributed as support or opposition of any legislative bill without the prior consent of MACo Administration or a MACo member.

Download Policy Booklet Here

What are MACo Resolutions & What is the Process?

A MACo Resolution is a written motion that is beneficial to county government and is adopted by a deliberative assembly made up of MACo members.  A resolution proposes to amend the law to solve a problem; it essentially becomes legislation.

MACo Legislative Resolution Guidelines

Download MACo's Legislative Resolution Guidelines by clicking the link below.

Download Guidelines Here