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2015 Legislative Session


64th Legislative Session LAWS Database [Back to Top]

A database (Legislative Automated Workflow System) containing bill draft requests, status and text of bills, votes, journals, minutes, hearing and floor schedules, and agendas

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2015 Session Calendar [Back to Top]

The 2015 session calendar was revised by leadership on February 19. Please note that legislative leadership holds the authority to further revise the schedule, including the days the Legislature meets and the proposed breaks.

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MACo Legislative Resolution Guidelines [Back to Top]

Download MACo's Legislative Resolution Guidelines by clicking the link below.

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MACo Legislation & Resolutions [Back to Top]

MACo legislation and associated resolutions for the 64th Legislative Session.

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2014-2016 Policy Booklet & Resolutions [Back to Top]

2014-2016 MACo Policy Booklet2014 - 2016 MACo Policy

Statements & Resolutions

The 2014-2016 MACo Policy Booklet contains our resolutions and policy statements that were adopted as of our Annual Conference in Kalispell, Montana, September 24, 2014. Individual resolutions can be viewed on the "Resolution" pages of the website (click on "Resolutions" in the left column menu).

IMPORTANT NOTE: MACo Resolutions are NOT to be copied or distributed as support or opposition of any legislative bill without the prior consent of MACo Administration or a MACo member.

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MACo Legislative Updates [Back to Top]

Issue 18, Legislative Update: April 28, 2015

This is the latest issue of MACo's Legislative Update for the 64th Legislative Session.

This week’s issue features a piece wrapping up the final day of the session (April 28th) as well as what’s next and a list of possible Interim studies, Don’t forget to check out the bills section; we’ve listed the MACo bills as well as bills we are watching—the MACo bills and higher priority bills include some additional information to better inform our readers.

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