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2017 Legislative Leadership

Leaders of the 65th Legislative Session will be listed here after the legislative orientation in November.

Officers of the Senate
President Scott Sale (R) - Bozeman
President Pro Tempore Bob Keenan (R) - Miles City
Majority Leader Fred Thomas (R) - Stevensville
Majority Whips Mark Blasdel (R) - Kalispell
  Edward Buttrey (R) - Great Falls
  Cary Smith, (R) - Billings
Minority Leader John Sesso (D) - Butte
Minority Whips Tom Facey (D) - Missoula
  JP Pomnichowski (D) - Bozeman
Secretary of the Senate Marilyn Miller
Committee on Committees Dee Brown (R) - Hungry Horse
  Edward Buttrey (R) - Great Falls
  Ryan Osmundson (R) - Buffalo
  Chas Vincent (R) - Libby
  Jeff Welborn (R) - Dillon
Officers of the House of Representatives
Speaker Austin Knudsen (R) - Culbertson
Speaker Pro Tempore Greg Hertz (R) - Polson
Majority Leader Ron Ehli (R) - Hamilton
Majority Whips Seth Berglee (R) - Joliet
  Alan Doane (R) - Bloomfield
  Theresa Manzella (R) - Hamilton
  Brad Tschida (R) - Missoula
Minority Leader Jenny Eck (D) - Helena
Minority Caucus Chair Tom Woods (D) - Bozeman
Minority Whips Nate McConnell (D) - Missoula
  Shane Morigeau (D) - Missoula
  Casey Schreiner (D) - Great Falls
Chief Clerk of the House Lindsey Grovom