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2017-2018 MACo Committees & Members

Name Position County Email
Larry Hendrickson Chair Liberty
Tom Rice Vice Chair Beaverhead
Scott Blain   Carbon
Bruce Christofferson   Phillips
Keith Clawson   Sheridan
Jerry Collins   Garfield
Maureen Davey   Stillwater
Donna Giacometto   Powder River
Keith Holmlund   Custer
John Jackson   Beaverhead
Gary Kartevold   Dawson
Tom Kuka   Pondera
Jim Larson   Cascade
John Lewis   Golden Valley
Mikel Lund   Daniels
Jim Moore   Judith Basin
Mark Peterson   Hill
Roy Rost   Fallon
Rod Schaffer   Powder River
Dale Seifert   Pondera
Rodney Tauck   Carter
Dennis Teske   Prairie
Herb Townsend   Meagher
Maureen Wicks   Liberty
Janet Wolff   McCone
Sandy Youngbauer   Fergus
Amy Adler MT Weed Control Assoc. Rosebud
Name Position County Email
Joe Briggs Chair Cascade
Nicole Borner Vice Chair Musselshell
Dan Allhands   Madison
John Carnahan   Phillips
Mark Crago   Stillwater
Bill Everett   Anaconda-Deer Lodge
Mary Ann Harwood   Toole
Pam Holmquist   Flathead
Gary Macdonald   Roosevelt
Jim McCormick   Lewis & Clark
Ron Ostberg   Teton
Teddy Robertson   Garfield
Don Seifert   Gallatin
Darold Zimmer   Powder River
Sarah Converse MT Econ. Dev. Assoc. Cascade
Name Position County Email
Andy Hunthausen Chair - Host 2019 Midwinter/2020 Annual Lewis & Clark
Bill Barron MACo President Lake
Joe Briggs Host 2019 Annual/2020 Midwinter Cascade
Jean Curtiss Host 2024 Missoula
Maureen Davey MACo Past President Stillwater
Todd Devlin MACo Immediate Past President Prairie
Robyn Driscoll Host 2023 Annual/2023 Midwinter Yellowstone
Shane Gorder MACo 2nd Vice President Richland
Jim Hart MACo 1st Vice President Madison
Mike McGinley MACo Fiscal Officer Beaverhead
Joe Skinner Host 2022 Annual Gallatin
Name Position County Email
Doug Martens Chair Rosebud
Richard Moe Vice Chair Wheatland
Tom Bennett   Wheatland
Deanna Bockness   Prairie
Mike Delger   Broadwater
Robyn Driscoll   Yellowstone
Bob Faw   Sweet Grass
Robert Goffena   Musselshell
Shane Gorder   Richland
Don Hajenga   Judith Basin
Duane Mitchell   Richland
James Moos   McCone
Denis Pitman   Yellowstone
Morris Spannagel   Treasure
William Wallace   Sweet Grass
Dennis Zander   Dawson
Name Position County Email
Deb Brandon Chair Toole
Carl Seilstad Vice Chair Fergus
Gale Decker   Lake
Sidney Fitzpatrick   Big Horn
Jim Hart   Madison
Janice Hoppes   Pondera
Andy Hunthausen   Lewis & Clark
Bob Mullen   Jefferson
Bruce Peterson   Valley
Bill Slaughter   Granite
Joette Woods   Liberty
Sandy Youngbauer   Fergus
Name Position County Email
Laura Obert Chair Broadwater
Kevin Krausz Vice Chair Custer
Bill Barron   Lake
Jerry Bennett   Lincoln
Bill Bullock   Carbon
Chris Hoffman   Ravalli
Ed Joiner   Rosebud
Nicole Rowley   Missoula
Daren Schuster   Chouteau
Dennis Shupak   Stillwater
Duane Simons   Mineral
Alan Stempel   McCone
Terry Vermiere   Anaconda-Deer Lodge
Leo Gallagher MT. Assoc. of County Attorney's Lewis & Clark
Brian Gootkin MT. Assoc. of Sheriffs & Peace Officers Gallatin
Vacant MT. Assoc. of DES Coordinators n/a n/a
Name Position County Email
Joe Skinner Chair Gallatin
Doug Buxbaum Vice Chair Dawson
Bill Berg   Park
Tommy Billing   Garfield
Jeff Burrows   Ravalli
Steve Gates   Anaconda-Deer Lodge
Kevin Hart   Anaconda-Deer Lodge
Gary Krueger   Flathead
Charles Kulbeck   Blaine
Diane McLean   Hill
Ron Nye   Madison
Gordon Oelkers   Roosevelt
Doug Schallenberger   Ravalli
Jason Strouf   Custer
Pam Converse MT Weed Control Assoc. Pondera
Tara DePuy Staff - JPIA Land Use Attorney MACo
Name Position County Email
Greg Chilcott Chair Ravalli
Chris King Vice Chair Petroleum
Dean Blomquist   Golden Valley
Carol Brooker   Sanders
Mike Cole   Lincoln
Jim Courtney   Carter
Todd Devlin   Prairie
John Fahlgren   Valley
Jim Hodgskiss   Teton
Craig Iverson   Petroleum
Laurie Johnston   Mineral
Cory Kirsch   Jefferson
Bob Lee   Rosebud
Ralph Mannix   Powell
Mike McGinley   Beaverhead
Phil Mitchell   Flathead
Mark Peck   Lincoln
Dan Sager   Powell
Jane Weber   Cascade
Mike Wendland   Hill
Kellieann Morris MT Weed Control Assoc. Rep. Ravalli
Name Position County Email
Jean Curtiss Chair - At-Large Missoula
Susan Good Geise Vice Chair-At-Large Lewis & Clark
Bill Barron MACo President Lake
Joe Briggs Comm. & Econ. Development Chair Cascade
Carol Brooker MACo Past President Sanders
Greg Chilcott Public Lands Chair Ravalli
Maureen Davey MACo Past President Stillwater
Todd Devlin MACo Immediate Past President Prairie
Shane Gorder MACo 2nd Vice President Richland
Jim Hart MACo 1st Vice President Madison
Larry Hendrickson Agriculture Chair Liberty
Andy Hunthausen MACo Urban Counties Representative Lewis & Clark
Doug Martens Energy Chair Rosebud
Mike McGinley Tax, Budget & Finance Chair Beaverhead
Bob Mullen MACo Past President Jefferson
Laura Obert Justice & Public Safety Chair Broadwater
John Ostlund Transportation Chair Yellowstone
Carl Seilstad Health & Human Services Chair Fergus
Joe Skinner Land Use & Development Chair Gallatin
Steve White At-Large Gallatin
Name Position County Email
Mike McGinley Chair - MACo Fiscal Officer Beaverhead
Bill Nyby Vice Chair Sheridan
Bill Barron MACo President Lake
Ross Butcher   Fergus
Maureen Davey   Stillwater
Gale Decker   Lake
Todd Devlin MACo Immediate Past President Prairie
Shane Gorder MACo 2nd Vice President Richland
Jim Hart MACo 1st Vice Vice President Madison
Mary Ann Harwood   Toole
Chris Hoffman   Ravalli
Ray Hawk   Ravalli
Andy Hunthausen MACo Urban County Representative Lewis & Clark
Bob Lee   Rosebud
Bob Mullen   Jefferson
Kathy Johnson Staff - Finance Director MACo
Name Position County Email
John Ostlund Chair Yellowstone
Richard Dunbar Vice Chair Phillips
Steve Baldwin   Fallon
Tom Berry   Musselshell
Tony Cox   Sanders
Doug Crachy   Powell
Frank DePriest   Blaine
Joseph Pehan   Toole
George Real Bird III   Big Horn
Clay Riehl   Chouteau
Dave Strohmaier   Missoula
Dana Rauser MACRS Representative Broadwater
John Anderson MACRS Representative Fergus
Karen Laitala MT Weed Control Assoc. Rep. Powell

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