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Information for Counties

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The NACo Prescription Discount Card Program gives your county the chance to offer prescription savings to  your uninsured and underinsured county residents. This great program can help residents save money on prescriptions at an average savings of 24%.  The program assists county residents who are struggling financially or pay out of pocket for their prescriptions. There is no cost to the county and no cost to residents.  Simply use the card.  The entire family can be covered with one card.

The discounts are negotiated directly with participating pharmacies.  Over 60,000 pharmacies participate in the program and it is used by county residents in more than 1,400 counties. Occasionally a pharmacy will oppose this program.  If you encounter any resistance, please contact Shantil Siaperas, (406)449-4360. The pharmacies are not being asked to do anything new.  They already have a PPO agreement with Caremark, so this is just an extension of an existing discount already in place.  Most pharmacies see this program as a benefit to their business.  While they may be reducing their revenue on a limited number of prescriptions, they are getting the customer in the store and while there, customers most often make additional purchases.

Note: A marketing reimbursement fee option is now available to participating member counties.  Counties that choose the marketing reimbursement fee option would receive $1 per prescription when the card is used to receive a discount.  Counties that choose not to receive the marketing reimbursement fee will receive a slightly greater savings percentage.

For more detailed information about the program, please review the material below.


Enrollment Information

It's easy to enroll in the program.  There is a checklist and contract that the county must fill out and return to NACo or MACo--Shantil Siaperas. Included with the contract on the 'checklist' are specific instructions on enrolling in the program. Rollout usually takes about 10 weeks from the date that NACo receives the contract.

During the 10 week process, the contract signed by the county is signed by NACo and then by CVS Caremark. The original copy is sent via express delivery service back to the county. The county receives a contact from a CVS Caremark representative for the program and they will go through the rollout process and will coordinate the county's free material development including your card brochures, posters and brochure holders as well as your web print-a-card function. The county's name and/or seal are featured on the card and all materials are printed and sent to the county in time for the launch date.  Closer to your rollout date, CVS Caremark will notify all of your participating pharmacies about the rollout. The county also receives marketing guidelines and materials for pre-rollout, launch, and post-launch.

Note:  Counties that choose to participate in the marketing fee reimbursement option will need to: fill out the checklist, sign Exhibit B and Rider 1 and submit all documents along with the county's W-9.  If you choose not to participate in the marketing fee reimbursement option, you only need to sign Exhibit B and the checklist and send them in to the address on the checklist.

If you already participate in the program and wish to participate in the marketing fee reimbursement option, sign Exhibit B and Rider 1 and submit all documents along with the county's W-9 to the address on the checklist.

Shantil Siaperas | | (406)449-4360