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NACo Prescription Discount Card Program Marketing Plan

The NACo Prescription Discount Card Program was started seven years ago and has grown phenomenally.  Now, more than 1,400 counties are participating in the program and county residents nationwide have saved more than $483 million. Residents can save up to 75% on some prescriptions; the overall average savings rate is 24%.

The program is truly appreciated by county residents. In addition, it has gotten an enormous amount of positive media coverage, which is great for the participating counties.

The program is unique because it is a partnership that includes the participating counties, NACo and CVS Caremark.  All three have important roles to ensure its success and provide substantial savings for county residents.

Marketing the program is a perfect example.  Counties know their residents and the best way to reach them. NACo and Caremark have public affairs experience and expertise to provide the tools to do the job.

NACo and Caremark can take specific action to get discount cards into the hands of residents.  They can also assist the counties to get media coverage that will generate interest in the program.  Here are examples of marketing efforts that NACo and Caremark can employ to market and build the program:

  • Mail discount cards directly to county facilities at the direction of the county;
  • Mail discount cards directly to pharmacies with display stands that will hold the cards;
  • Conduct webinars or conference calls with officials and staff from counties that are joining the program to explain the features and services that are available;
  • Make regular telephone calls to county officials and county coordinators responsible for the program – six months after launch and yearly – to assess the success of the program and determine what more can be done;
  • Provide cards that can be inserted into county mailings – property tax bills, water bills, etc. – without increasing the cost of the mailing;
  • Prepare and send to local media press releases for counties launching the program;
  • Prepare and send releases promoting the program at various milestones showing the program’s success – six months, one year, and two years;
  • Interview county officials and produce radio news releases to provide to radio stations in areas where it can be most effective; and
  • Provide radio PSAs to radio stations.

The NACo website also includes valuable information and tools that can be used to promote the program.  Information is provided to enable residents to print cards online.  There are Outreach Strategies and Media Relations Strategies.  The website also includes a list of participating pharmacies.

The Outreach Strategies include:

  • Best practices that other counties have used to reach residents;
  • Promotional materials like posters, display stands and sample cards;
  • Frequently asked questions to enable county officials to be familiar with the program; and
  • Program announcement materials.

The Media Strategies include:

  • Best methods for announcing the program, news conferences and other methods;
  • News release templates;
  • Sample Public Service Announcements; and
  • Fact sheets about the program.

With all these tools, materials and information, NACo and Caremark are ready to build the prescription program and help residents who are dealing with the high cost of prescription drugs. | 25 Massachusetts Ave NW, Suite 500 | Washington, DC 20001 (888) 407-6226