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Using Radio/TV to Promote the NACo Prescription Discount Card

Counties are encouraged to use local television and radio advertising to communicate to residents. Often, advertising for this program qualifies as a public service announcement, which drastically reduces or eliminates any advertising costs. Radio public service announcement scripts are included in the media strategies available to counties:

If you are in need of additional ID cards, please let Shantil Siaperas know ( or 406-449-4360), and she will contact NACo/CVS Caremark. 

Posters and brochures that raise community awareness of the program as well as display stands that hold the ID cards/brochure are also available.

Remember, all promotional materials and ID Cards are free of charge; we just need to know a few details:

  • How many (rough number)
  • Name of place to ship materials
  • Address
  • Contact person's name (Attn: To...)
  • Phone number of contact person

IMPORTANT:  A county must be enrolled in the program before its residents can utilize the discount cards.  If you are interested in participating, please click here to enroll.

If you have any questions, please contact Shantil Siaperas at or by phone at (406) 449-4360.

Shantil Siaperas | | (406) 449-4360