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NACo Environment, Energy & Land Use Committee Report - 2012 Legislative Conference

Posted Date: 
March 15, 2012
John Prinkki, Carbon County Commissioner

The Environment, Energy, and Land Use (EELU) Committee began its work Saturday March 3rd at 10:00 AM with presentations by the sponsors of 6 new resolutions dealing with varied issues from limited liability for environmental cleanup to energy storage, support for the Keystone Pipeline, Gulf Coast cleanup, opposing UN Agenda 21, and land use around military bases. These resolutions were discussed and recommendations for amendments were proposed. The resolutions would be voted on Sunday afternoon before the full EELU Committee.

NACo Finance & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee Report - 2012 Legislative Conference

Posted Date: 
March 9, 2012
Vic Miller, Blaine County Commissioner

As a member of the Finance and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, our subcommittee meetings occurred on Saturday March 3, commencing with the Reservations Subcommittee. New Chair Woman, Lena Fowler, set the tone of the sub-committee by asking the group of development in their individual states on how counties and tribes are acting in a positive manner.

NACo Agriculture & Rural Affairs Report - 2011 Legislative Conference

Posted Date: 
March 31, 2011
Kathy Bessette, Hill County Commissioner

Since returning from the NACo Legislative Conference and reading the mountain of information gathered, it is obvious the one message we heard over and over again is, “there will be cuts, cuts, and more cuts.”  Each and every speaker reiterated the same theme leaving us with no doubts that services will be cut, and budgeting will be difficult for everyone during this recession.