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December 2002

MACo News: Volume 31, No. 12

IN THIS ISSUE:  Leadership Retreat--MACo Vision Statement and Goals, 2003 Holidays and Mileage Rate, Loss Control Conference, Board of Directors Meeting, Gambling Machine Fees, Online County Name Registration . . .

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November 2002

MACo News: Volume 31, No. 11

IN THIS ISSUE:  Lobbying Rules, Commissioner Election Results, Lobbying Rules, Special Levies and Commissioner Election Results, Department of Administration - Free Services, Eastern Montana National Forests, Coal Board Grants, NACo Steering Committee Reports . . .

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October 2002

MACo News: Volume 31, No. 10

IN THIS ISSUE:  Annual Conference Close Votes, Montana Local Government GIS Coalition, Working with the Press, Motel Reimbursement Rates, Mosquito Districts, Governing Montana at the Grass Roots . . .

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September 2002

MACo News: Volume 31, No. 9

IN THIS ISSUE:  Annual Conference Information, Hazards when fueling vehicles, Election Poll Workers, Public Participation Strategies Workshop, MACo 2nd Vice President Candidates, President Harmon's Final Message, 2002 Governor's Range Tour, Rural Bank Robberies . . .

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August 2002

MACo News: Volume 31, No. 8

IN THIS ISSUE:  Annual Conference, P.I.L.T. for FY 2003, Special Legislative Session, 9-1-1 Status Report, Help With Information Technology, Directory Updates, State Ballot Measures, Weed Information . . .

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July 2002

MACo News: Volume 31, No. 7

IN THIS ISSUE:  District Meetings, New Conferences, Primary Election Results, Initiatives, Taxes, Budgets, Krygyzstan Report, NACo Appointments . . .

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June 2002

MACo News: Volume 31, No. 6

IN THIS ISSUE:  Health Insurance Pool Update, Department of Revenue Contracts, Population Estimates, Seniority and ADA, Fire Training, Grants, Plans . . .

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May 2002

MACo News: Volume 31, No. 5

IN THIS ISSUE:  Montana Hosts NACo Western Interstate Region, County Commissioner Candidates, Subdivisions Comprehensive Plans, Cell Phone Safety, Directory Corrections . . .

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April 2002

MACo News: Volume 31, No. 4

IN THIS ISSUE:  Drought Meetings, Unclaimed County Checks, County Compensation Boards, County Commission Chairs, Computer Use Policy Suggestions, NACo W.I.R. Registration Form . . .

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March 2002

MACo News: Volume 31, No. 3

IN THIS ISSUE:  2002—2003 Cost of Living, Midwinter Conference Review, Northcentral MOntana Grant, March/April Calendar, Fire Fighting and Emergency Equipment Grants, GASB 34 Training . . .

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