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December 2006

MACo News: Volume 35, No. 12

IN THIS ISSUE:  Elected County Officials’ Orientation Registration Form, Travel Rates, Safe Winter Driving, Risk Management Update, Loss Control Conference Agenda, Loss Control Conference Registration Form, Farewell to Outgoing Officials, 2006-2007 MACo Committees, Fuel Tax Allocations, NACo News, Thank You MACo Supporters, Conclusions . . .

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November 2006

MACo News: Volume 35, No. 11

IN THIS ISSUE:  Letter from the MACO Executive Director, Attorney Generals’ Letter of Advice, Hamilton to Host 2008 MACo Conference, New MACo Building Completed, Livestock Assistance Signup Begins, Announcements & Reminders, Risk Management Loss Control Conference Registration, NACo News, Thank You MACo Supporters, Conclusions . . .

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October 2006

MACo News: Volume 35, No. 10

IN THIS ISSUE:  Thank You Sponsors & Exhibitors, 2006-2007 Officers, Kaercher Testifies, Meet the New MACo Staff, County News, Stately Affairs: Election Day, Ballots, and Acts, NACo News, NACo News, County Outreach Program, Please Support Our Supporters, Thank You Sponsors, Conclusions: Attorney General’s Opinion . . .

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September 2006

MACo News: Volume 35, No. 9

IN THIS ISSUE:  President's Message, 2nd VP Candidates, Delegate Rules, Staff Changes, Resolutions, By-Lay Amendments, Taxable Values, Mineral Royalties, Paint the State, Vibration Injuries, Registration Form . . .

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August 2006

MACo News: Volume 35, No. 8

IN THIS ISSUE:  On-the-Job Retaliation, District Meetings, County Officials Leaving Office, Prestigious Awards, Spotlight on Counties, Young Employees, NACo Email News, Summit & Symposium, Conference Registration . . .

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July 2006

MACo News: Volume 35, No. 7

IN THIS ISSUE:  MACo Scholarships, W.I.R. Continued, Commissioner Candidates, P.I.L.T and Entitlement Shares, Spotlight on Counties, Leadership Institute, Paint the State, NFCSC Funding, Energy Savings . . .

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June 2006

MACo News: Volume 35, No. 6

IN THIS ISSUE:  Eissinger Thank You, Senior Citizens Services, Home Funding, Spotlight on Counties, Compensation Boards, 2005-2006 Base Salaries, Directory Corrections, NACo Committees, For Sale . . .

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May 2006

MACo News: Volume 35, No. 5

IN THIS ISSUE:  Barta Resigns, Contractor's Tax, County Populations, Local Option Vehicle Tax, Spotlight on Counties, Tax Increment Financing, CPR Changes, Forest Counties, Cowboy Hall of Fame, Meth Prevention, NACo Committees, District Meetings . . .

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April 2006

MACo News: Volume 35, No. 4

IN THIS ISSUE:  MACo Committees, Polling Place Surveys, Reimbursements, GIS Planning, Spotlight on Counties, HCT Website, A.G. Opinions, Courtroom Security, NACo Committee Reports . . .

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March 2006

MACo News: Volume 35, No. 3

IN THIS ISSUE:  County Funding Sources, County News, Economic Development Committee, Transportation Committee, Reservation Counties, Wolf Resolution, County Government Week, Canadian Border . . .

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