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December 2010

MACo News: Volume 39, No. 12

IN THIS ISSUE:  2010 Newly Elected Officials, MACo Committee Appointments, 2011 New Year's Resolutions, Emelia's Safety Corner, McCulloch's Thank You, Montana Ready Disaster Preparedness, 2011 MACo Loss Control Conference, Desktop vs On-Site Property Valuations, Burning Trash In Montana, Farewell Outgoing County Officials . . .

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November 2010

MACo News: Volume 39, No. 11

IN THIS ISSUE:  Commissioner Certification Draft Agenda, Just For Fun... Emelia's Safety Corner, MACo Committee Appointments, Inmate Medical Program NACo Webinars, 2011 Legal Holidays, Obituary - Milo Huber, Lincoln County Staff, 2011 MACo Risk Management Conference, 'It's Only Peanuts," Correction to "New W-2 Reporting Requirement," Health Care Reform News . . .

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October 2010

MACo News: Volume 39, No. 10

IN THIS ISSUE:  MACo 2010-2011 Executive Committee, MACo Thanks You, Obituaries-Donald Marble, Robert "Bob" O'Leary, Governor's Award, MT Minimum Wage Increase, Weber Sworn In, Health Insurance MMIA, Mental Health Settlement Trust, Rosebud County Library, Cyber/Tech Insurance, Prescription Discount Cards . . .

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September 2010

MACo News: Volume 39, No. 9

IN THIS ISSUE:  MACo Annual Conference Information, Tande Obituary, 2nd VP Candidate, Resolutions, Policy Statements, Committee Meetings, IT Committee, Paint the State, Sheriff Honored, MT Reaches 100% E911, Landfill Fee Passed, Ticks & West Nile Virus, Cyber Insurance, Sharing Fingerprints, Heritage Act, Junk Car Removal, Remembering Charlie, NACo Grant . . .

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August 2010

MACo News: Volume 39, No. 8

IN THIS ISSUE:  MACo Annual Conference Information, 911 News, McCone County Courthouse, Hotel/Motel Scam, Karen Bryson Story, WIR Report, MACo Employee & Commissioner Profiles, Sale of County Property, Obituaries, W-2 Reporting Requirement, NACo Annual Conference, Collective Bargaining . . .

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July 2010

MACo News: Volume 39, No. 7

IN THIS ISSUE:  District Meeting Reports, Golden Valley County News, Proposed Pension Changes, Myra Shults Retirement, Beaverhead County News, Collective Bargaining Unit, A.G. Opinion - Holiday Pay, Metra Park, Commissioner Beltrone, NACo WIR Reports, Digital Copiers Pose Security Risk, McClure Reagan Obituary, Hardin Museum Grant, Charles "Bernie" Lucas Obituary . . .

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June 2010

MACo News: Volume 39, No. 6

IN THIS ISSUE:  Scholarships, Tiger II Grants, New Lodging Rates, Leadership Montana, Noxious Weeds in Montana, Library in Spotlight, The Right Shoe, Treasure State Seminar, A Picture Worth Sharing, MACo Directory Updates, Profiles, Croonquist/Keating Memorials, Around our counties . . .

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May 2010

MACo News: Volume 39, No. 5

IN THIS ISSUE:  Health Care reform, Montana Roads, MACRS officers Reform, Discipline Elected, Lead Paint Law, Roll Away Aches USDA Grants, Fallon County Job Opening, Commissioner/Employee Profile . . .

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April 2010

MACo News: Volume 39, No. 4

IN THIS ISSUE:  Burn Permit Services, Vic Miller reports, Dirty Air Ducts, State Broadband, Job Safety Training, GIS Conference to Come, HCT, CTS, Allan Underdal Reports, 2nd Chance Grants, Quarterly Reports, Employee/Commissioner Profile . . .

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March 2010

MACo News: Volume 39, No. 3

IN THIS ISSUE:  Early Return Programs, Government Promotion Ideas, Mid Winter Conference, Cell Phones & Driving, Road Liability, Grant Class, CRS, Employee Terminations, Employee/Commissioner Profile, Around Our Counties . . .

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