Position: Health Officer
Closing Date: Open Until Filled
County Dept.: City-County Health Department
Dept. Admin.: County Commission & City-County Board of Health
Type of Position: Full-Time, Permanent
Salary: $82,000 – $87,000 DOE

Applications available at Cascade County Human Resources Department, www.cascadecountymt.gov or Job Service.  All application materials must be turned in to the Cascade County Human Resources Department and date stamped by 5:00 p.m. on the closing date.

Position Description

The Health Officer is responsible for overall leadership, community engagement, and executive responsibilities as the Health Officer of the City-County Health Department (CCHD); assessing and monitoring health factors in Cascade County and developing strategies to effectively address and communicate health issues to the public; providing oversight, evaluation and program management for delivery of public health services; developing and implementing plans, policies, and procedures for the department; fiscal management of the department and program budgets, as well as program compliance to local, state and federal requirements; provides leadership and support for public health improvement activities and maintain CCHD Public Health accreditation; plans, organizes, directs and manages all activities of the CCHD; areas of programming include environmental health, prevention services, family health services, and administrative services; administrative services team provides key operational assistance to all CCHD programs related to facilities, operations, finances, HIPAA compliance, accreditation coordination and performance management; must have experience in the development and application of Emergency Response Plans and public health preparedness and response capabilities; the effective and efficient use of department resources including funding, personnel, materials, facilities and time; implements and maintains sound organizational and operational practices to assure optimum health services and supports to the community, and develops and recommends County and department policies and strategic plans related to or involving public health; provides administrative, technical and professional support to staff, other departments, outside agencies, advisory boards, coalitions and community members as appropriate; must develop and maintain effective working relationships with other organizations concerned with health and human services as well as the public safety system, education, County support service departments, advisory boards, and numerous community facilities, agencies and groups.

Distinguishing Class Features

This is a department head/senior management position responsible for the work of professional and paraprofessional public health workers as well as associated business and support personnel. This position establishes vision and provides leadership in working with elected officials, community partners, health professionals and a broad spectrum of the public.  The Health Officer performs complex leadership and management duties.  Hires, coaches, mentors, and evaluates a variety of professionals who perform specialized and/or complex duties in all areas of public health, including maternal and child health, communicable disease surveillance and response, environmental health, and emergency preparedness and response.  Must be knowledgeable of current leadership and management research and philosophy and public health; Recommends important policies in public health and primary care fields; maintains confidentiality of sensitive information.  The Health Officer may work outside of normal hours for meetings and problem resolution.

The Health Officer is required to interpret and apply an extensive knowledge of federal, state and local laws and regulations associated with various department programs as well as state and regional health and education reforms.  The Health Officer works with multiple local, state and regional health system leaders to improve the health and safety of our residents and assure City-County health roles and service responsibilities are fulfilled.

The Health Officer must develop and maintain effective working relationships with multiple organizations in the larger public health system of Cascade County. The Health Officer is accountable for the efficient and effective performance of departmental employees and contracted services. Accountability is direct and through a delegation of division managers and lead staff, who engage in, guide and monitor the delivery and performance of health and administrative services.  Position oversees contracts as well as a complex department operating budget, cost centers and funds that include numerous grant and revenue sources and accountabilities.

Reporting to the Board of Cascade County Commissioners and the Cascade City-County Board of Health, the Health Officer operates within broad policy guidelines and with considerable latitude for independent action.  Activities are reviewed for professional judgment; compliance with laws, rules and policies; achievement of results consistent with the goals and objectives as outlined in the Agency Strategic Plan, the Performance Improvement Plan, and the Workforce Development Plan; and state, federal and private contract requirements. Problem solving demands are complex and often highly technical. Work is generally performed in an office environment.  The position requires some travel within the State of Montana and to annual National Association meetings.

Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities

Embodies and embraces public health principals, collaborates and assures essential business relationships with many essential and related public entities and groups, works effectively with community stakeholders, conducts strategic and operational planning, establishes clear priorities, goals and objectives, and monitors and assures progress and results, assures preparation and implementation of program and service plans where required or beneficial, assures the department engages in systems planning related to health assessment, transformation and improvement, possess an in-depth understanding of the components of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as it would be applied during an event, exercise, or public health emergency, manages and communicates effectively with the department workforce, operates with and through a leadership team of division managers and supervisors, assures assigned personnel deliver services ethically, professionally, effectively, timely and in accordance with department mission, values, policies, budgets, goals and regulations, develops, manages, directs and evaluates department programs and activities, prepares reports and recommendations regarding current activities, accomplishments, problems, and future community needs, prepares annual department budgets, supplementary budgets and special grant requests, works with state and federal agencies to gain financial assistance and reimbursement for health services and activities provided by the CCHD, prepares requests and applications for public and private funding, maintains appropriate intergovernmental coordination, maximizes reimburse-ment from third-party payors, assures compliance with a wide range of laws, rules, grant requirements and reporting responsibilities, communicates and reports legislative changes that impact public health to individuals, associations, boards, committees or groups as identified and directed by the Board of Cascade County Commissioners or the Cascade City-County Board of Health, develops and oversees the department quality improvement and performance management capacities and systems, participates, or ensures participation representation, in statewide associations and in various state and regional conferences, meetings, task forces and committees on behalf of the County for the promotion and coordination of health programs and the effective operation of the department, prepares public documents and media releases, materials, reports and recommendations on current services, performance, community trends, problems and future community needs, performs other duties or projects as required as assigned to accomplish the objectives of the position.

Knowledge and understanding of:  Thorough competencies and extensive professional knowledge of public health, health care and management practices, extensive working knowledge of laws, regulations, contracts, funding, policies and procedures related to public and behavioral health, public sector personnel processes and rules as well as financial management, significant understanding of epidemiology, health policy, health education and clinical practices, intermediate to advanced understanding of software in Excel, Access, Word, Outlook.

Skills in:  Developing productive work teams, integrating programs and disciplines, resolving conflict, promoting mutual respect and cooperation among workers or community partners.

Ability to:  Perform all essential duties, effectively plan, develop, and implement complex and detailed administrative and technical programs and projects, manage and train employees, including professionals, prepare or coordinate the preparation of comprehensive reports, grants, budgets and correspondence, identify community needs and best practices, implement necessary programs, work effectively with a diverse group of stakeholders including staff, elected officials, County administration, boards, labor unions, and community partners, communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, establish and maintain positive working relationships with County officials, department employees, and state and community stakeholders, prepare comprehensive reports, convey complex or technical information and to deliver effective presentations to diverse constituent groups, effectively advocate and gain support for population health policies and programs to impact health equality, produce documents written in the English language using proper sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and spelling, communicate verbally in the English language with customers, clients and the public using a telephone, in a group, as well as one-to-one settings, learn and adequately operate CCHD software applications.

Education & Experience

The above is typically acquired through a combination of education and experience.  At a minimum all applicants must have:


Meet the requirements as outlined in MCA 50-2-116. Powers and duties of local boards of health.  The local board of health shall appoint and fix the salary of a local health officer who is:

(i) a physician;
(ii) a person with a master’s degree in public health; or
(iii) a person with equivalent education and experience, as determined by the department (MT DPHHS).


  • Must have a valid Montana driver’s license.


  • Intermediate to advanced software knowledge in Excel, Access, Word, Outlook and the ability to learn and adequately operate CCHD software applications.

The successful applicant must serve a 1-year probationary period and may have a criminal background check conducted.  The results thereof may disqualify applicant from consideration for employment with the County. 

Notice to Applicants: Applicants who are claiming Veteran’s or Handicap Preference must provide a DD-214 Discharge Document (Part 4) or DPHHS Handicap Certification and Employment Preference Form with their application for employment so Cascade County may apply the preference during the selection process.

Cascade County makes reasonable accommodations for any known disability that may interfere with the applicant’s ability to compete in the recruitment and selection process or an employee’s ability to perform the essential duties of the job. For Cascade County to consider such arrangements, the applicants must make known any needed accommodations.