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Off-System Bridge Program

Posted Date: 
March 1, 2012
Bob Fogel, NACo,


Commissioners:  Please see this message.  You may want to contact our senators to let them know how important the off system bridge program is in Montana.

The Senate this week is likely to begin again to debate MAP-21, the reauthorization of the surface transportation program.  NACo has been successful in getting Senators Casey (D-PA) and Blunt (R-MO) to offer a bipartisan amendment to restore off-system bridge funding.  We need all 100 senators to hear how important the off-system bridge program is to county and other local governments.  One way to do this is for Senators Casey and Blunt to be able to announce that individual state associations of counties are supporting their amendment and for you [Cmmissioners] to tell us [NACo] in 1-2 sentences how important off-system bridge funding has been in maintaining and improving county bridges in your state.  NACo is collecting that information and we would appreciate it if you would complete the following as soon as possible and return it to Bob Fogel at

The______________________________________(state association of counties) supports the Casey-Blunt off-system bridge amendment.

The off-system bridge program is important to counties in ______(your state) because______________________________________________________



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