MACo legislation and associated resolutions for the 66th Legislative Session are posted below. Please note that bill information will be posted as it becomes available.

MACo Legislation & Associated Resolutions

MACo Bill Statuses
Res. Short Title
Bill Short Title
2018-01 Allow Counties to Establish a Coal Trust Fund SB 191 LC1441 Sen. Duane Ankney Allow counties to establish a coal trust fund (H) Hearing — (H) Energy, Technology and Federal Relations
03/13/2019; 3:00 PM, Rm 472
2018-02 Allow Counties to Establish County Auditor as Part-time Office SB 104 LC2969 Sen. Roger Webb Allow counties to establish county auditor as part-time office (S) Transmitted to Governor, 02/27/2019
2018-03 Allow Inflation on Mill Levies HB 372 LC2990 Rep.Tom Welch Generally revise mill levy inflation calculation laws (H) Tabled in Committee* — (H) Taxation, 02/22/2019
2018-04 Clarifying County Attorney as Legal Advisor HB 131 LC1080 Rep. Forrest Mandeville Generally revise laws related to county attorney authority (H) Tabled in Committee* — (H) Local Government, 01/24/2019
2018-05 Cost of Care for Animals Seized in Alleged Animal Welfare Violations SB 320 LC1359 Sen. Dan Solamon Clarify laws regarding cost of care for animals seized (S) Hearing — (S) Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation
03/14/2019; 3:00 PM, Rm 335
2018-06 Creation of Gateway County Local Option Tax HB 435 LC1457 Rep. Laurie Bishop Provide for gateway local option tax (H) Hearing — (H) Taxation
02/27/2019; 9:00 AM, Rm 152
2018-07 Destruction of Public Records Requiring an Order of District Court or Probate Court HB 154 LC1529 Rep. Katie Sullivan Generally revise laws related to disposal and destruction of public records (S) Committee Report–Bill Concurred — (S) Local Government, 02/19/2019
2018-08 Elector Qualifications in School Elections HJ 1 LC0136 SAVA IC Bill (Interim study on voter qualifications for all special purpose districts) (S) Hearing — (S) State Administration
03/20/2019; 3:00 PM, Rm 335
2018-09 Ensure Consistency for Making Assessments or Imposing Fees for Costs & Expenses of All Improvement Districts HB 123 LC0592 Rep. Alan Doane Generally revise sewer district laws (H) Transmitted to Governor, 02/26/2019
2018-10 Invasive Species Penalties HB 402 LC1879 Rep. Greg Hertz Revising local government laws related to invasive species (H) Hearing — (H) Natural Resources
03/13/2019; 3:00 PM, Rm 172
2018-11 Lifting of Agricultural Covenants in Limited Situations HB 124 LC1079 Rep. Forrest Mandeville Authorize county commissioners to lift agricultural covenants -limited situation (H) Signed by Governor, 02/28/2019
2018-12 Noxious Weed Management Funding LC1746 Rep. Ray Shaw Revise weed control laws (C) Draft On Hold
2018-13 Public Records Protection SB 46 LC0437 Sen. Jill Cohenour Revise laws related to distribution lists
(Not a MACo bill, but it partially fits our intent)
(H) Hearing — (H) State Administration
03/12/2019; 8:00 AM, Rm 455
2018-14 Removing Mobile Homes from the Tax Rolls SB 165 LC0965 Sen. Margie Macdonald Remove unusable mobile homes from property tax rolls (H) Hearing — (H) Taxation
03/14/2019; 9:00 AM, Rm 152
2018-15 Repeal of Temporary Tribal Tax Exemption HB 401 LC1967 Rep. Greg Hertz Repeal temporary tribal tax exemption (H) Hearing — (H) Taxation
03/13/2019; 9:00 AM, Rm 152
2018-16 Require that Parcels Exempt from Subdivision Review Provide Legal Access SB 198 LC2984 Sen. Jason Ellsworth Providing legal access to parcels exempt from subdivision review (H) Hearing — (H) Local Government
03/14/2019; 3:00 PM, Rm 472
2018-17 Revise Definition of Electioneering Communications LC1035 Rep. Joel Krautter Generally revise campaign finance laws (C) Draft On Hold
2018-18 Revise Definition of Wild Buffalo & Wild Bison HB 132 LC1567 Rep. Ken Holmlund Generally revise laws related to bison (S) Hearing — (S) Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation
02/21/2019; 3:00 PM, Rm 317
2018-19 Setting Speed Limits HB 120 LC1321 Rep. Willis Curdy Generally revise speed limits on county streets and roads (S) Referred to Committee — (S) Highways and Transportation, 02/12/2019
2018-20 Setting Speed Limits in School Zones HB 190 LC1596 Rep. Bruce Grubbs (Revise local government authority to set school zone speed limits) (S) Referred to Committee — (S) Highways and Transportation, 02/12/2019
2018-WC Work Comp Bill Standards SB 126 LC1597 Sen. Fred Thomas Revise workers’ comp solvency guidelines for self-insured public entitities (H) Hearing — (H) Business and Labor, 03/15/2019; 8:30 AM, Rm 172
2018-SS Revise when a person may be subject to a strip search HB 306 LC2495 Rep. Barry Usher Revise when a person may be subject to a strip search (H) Tabled in Committee* — (H) Judiciary, 02/08/2019

MACR Legislation & Associated Resolutions

MACR Bill Statuses
Res. Short Title
Bill Short Title
2018-01 Revise Birth & Death Certificate Fees HB 126 LC2930 Rep. Geri Custer Increase fees on death and birth certificates (S) Hearing — (S) State Administration
02/18/2019; 3:00 PM, Rm 335
2018-02 Revise Polling Place Hours HB 374 LC2992 Rep. Sharon Greef Generally revise polling place hours laws (H) Tabled in Committee* — (H) State Administration, 02/20/2019
2018-03 Revise When Absentee Ballots May Be Prepared for Counting SB 162 LC1443 Senator Rodger Webb Generally Revise Election Laws (H) Referred to Committee — (H) State Administration, 02/22/2019
——- ——- SB 291 LC0145 Senator Fred Thomas Revise laws on voting systems and ballot form (H) Referred to Committee — (H) State Administration, 02/28/2019

* after a status indicates the bill is probably dead:”Probably Dead” is a Bill Progress Category and is assigned to those bills that have been voted down or missed a transmittal deadline and to those bill drafts that have been canceled. To revive a bill that is “probably dead” typically requires a supermajority vote (usually a 2/3 vote) by the House or Senate.