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Video: National Ground Water Association (NGWA)

Help Homeowners Explore Options for Financing Need Well Construction or Maintenance

As you likely know, proper construction and maintenance of household water well systems is vitally important to public health. Water quality can be endangered by well systems that are deficient due to (1) neglected maintenance, or (2) because the well is beyond its useful lifespan.

Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual

Facts, Infection & Protecting Yourself

This download contains information regarding ransomware, recognizing the symptoms of infection, what to do in case your device is in fact infected, protecting yourself in the future, and further resources for more information.

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Strengthen Your County's Security Posture

Cyber Incident Scenario

This download contains information regarding a cyber incident scenario and what to do in such an instance.

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Department of Justice 2015 Cyber Risk Report

Breaches & The Cyber Landscape

This download contains information regarding cyber security breaches, how much data is worth, Montana's cyber stats, top vulnerabilities, and how to fight back.

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Best Cybersecurity Practices for Counties

An Introduction to Cybersecurity Framework

This download contains cybersecurity facts, initial tasks, training, inventory, development, implementation, and testing.

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Enterprise Security Program

Cybersecurity Awareness & Training

Training Materials (MT SITSD)

Cybersecurity awareness and training are vital for protecting the State of Montana's personally identifiable information (PII), taxpayer information, and physical and digital assets. Employees are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems and data, yet studies and surveys show that humans are the biggest threat to information security. Opening a malicious email, failing to secure mobile devices, sending unencrypted sensitive data, visiting harmful websites, or misconfiguring a server are just a few ways that employees can put systems and information at risk. The Enterprise Security Program (ESP) promotes cybersecurity awareness in a number of ways. Click the link below for a multitude of cyber security downloads and training materials.

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Watching for Phishing Email Scams

Social Engineering Red Flags

This is a one-page handout on what to watch for with email scams--worth the two minutes it takes to read.

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Empower Your Staff

People, Processes & Technology

Empower Your Staff (Info Graphic)

The three fundamental domains of effective cyber security are people, processes, and technology.  Inadequate staff knowledge could threaten your organization's very existence.

10-Step Security Checklist

Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Safer Business

Think Cybercriminals only target big companies?  More than 75% of data breaches target small and medium sized (SMBs), and that can result in serious costs--both financial and to your reputation.  But there are some simple steps you can take to better protect your customers, employees, and assets, so you can focus on what you do best: building your business.

How to Avoid PUPs

Potentially Unwanted Programs

How to Avoid PUPs (Info Graphic)

If your users are downloading software onto their computers, chances are they're unknowingly clutter their machines with PUPs.  A little user education could free up some time spent cleaning (not to mention computer resources).