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Video: National Ground Water Association (NGWA)

Help Homeowners Explore Options for Financing Need Well Construction or Maintenance

As you likely know, proper construction and maintenance of household water well systems is vitally important to public health. Water quality can be endangered by well systems that are deficient due to (1) neglected maintenance, or (2) because the well is beyond its useful lifespan.

Too often, urgently needed water well work is not done because either well owners cannot afford it—or they perceive that they cannot afford it. With this in mind, the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) has developed a new online video to help homeowners explore options for financing needed well construction or maintenance in ways that fit their needs.

The video covers financing options including:

  • Contractor-offered financing
  • Credit cards
  • Mortgage options
  • Home equity improvement loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Government long-term, low-interest loans.

As someone who has fielded hundreds of well owner calls, I can tell you that there are many anxious well owners who know they need work but don’t know how to pay for it.  Please consider posting the link to this practical, objective video that helps well owners think through how to cover needed work on their water well systems.

Also, please make well owners aware of this link/video via any social media and newsletters you publish.

Click Here to Directly Access the Video