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Empower Your Staff

People, Processes & Technology

Empower Your Staff (Info Graphic)

The three fundamental domains of effective cyber security are people, processes, and technology.  Inadequate staff knowledge could threaten your organization's very existence.

  • Employees are the weakest link in an organization's security infrastructure.  In 2015, 75% of large organizations suffered staff-related security breaches (up from 58% in 2014).
  • Types of Breaches:
    • 65%, unauthorized access to systems or data
    • 66%, loss or leakage of confidential information
    • 57%, breach of data protection laws or regulations
    • 35%, misuse of confidential information
  • 50% of the worst breaches last year were caused by inadvertent human error (up from 31% in 2014).
  • 67% of cyber espionage starts with a phishing email.
    • Estimated days to recover from a phishing and social engineering attack: 20.5
  • Unintentional staff mistakes are symptoms of poor cyber security awareness.
    • 51% of business have an information security awareness program.
    • 49% do not have an information security awareness program.  Their annual losses are four times greater than those that have a training process in place.