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Risk Sharing

Group Risk Sharing Trusts

A cost-effective alternative for insurance benefits for counties and county-related boards and districts.  By pooling the risk of a severe financial loss over a larger population, premiums are generally more stable, limiting the broad fluctuations that an individual county or district might otherwise experience.  Please see MACo's group risk sharing pools below and click on the corresponding links to access information pertaining to the associated pool.


Member Trust Portal  |  First Report of Injury or Occupation Disease

The Montana Association of Counties Workers' Compensation Trust was established in 1985 as a workers compensation, self-insured pool.

Access MACo Workers' Compensation Trust Information Here

Member Trust Portal  |  General Loss Notice

The Montana Association of Counties Property & Casualty Trust was established in 1986 as a property and liability, self-insured pool.

Access MACo Property & Casualty Trust Information Here

The Montana Association of Counties Health Care Trust was established in 2005 as a health care, self-insured pool.

Access MACo Health Care Trust Information Here

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