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Health Care

MACoHCT Providers

Information about MACoHCT providers.

MACoHCT Forms & Publications

Various forms and publications for MACoHCT members.

Life Insurance Coverage Available Through MACoHCT

The MACo Health Care Trust has switched life insurance vendors from The Standard to UNUM as of July 1, 2016.

The information provided in this section is intended as a general summary of the life insurance coverage available through the MACo Health Care Trust.  For specific information about your life insurance benefits, refer to the Certificate issued to each policyholder by UNUM.

MACoHCT Benefit Plans

The mission of the MACo Health Care Trust is to provide the health benefit package of choice for your county or county-related board or district. MACo Health Care Trust provides multiple benefit plans, excellent customer service, cost-effective management, and a solid financial base. Benefit design options, coupled with multiple deductible selections, enable MACo-affiliated groups to tailor their plan(s) to local needs.

Telephone Numbers & Addresses

MACo Health Care Trust administration contact information and associated contact information.

Health Care Trust Administration

Information about the MACo Health Care Trust staff.