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Safety Committee Best Practice Guidelines

Emelia McEwen, Senior Loss Control Specialist, MACo JPIA/JPA

The Safety Committee is comprised of a group of employees who value the safety and well-being of their peers and the continuous success of the organization. It’s an effective way to improve safety behavior and performance in the workplace and to encourage workers to support the organization’s safety program.

Safety & Workers Comp Report Forms, Evaluations & Checklists

Various report forms, checklists, and evaluations having to do with safety and workers compensation are listed here. Click the link below to view a list of items and download what you need.

Sample Job Safety Analysis Forms

Download the Sample Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms here.  Click the "read more" link below to view JSA forms that include "Opening & Closing a Site," "Operating a Chainsaw," "Operating a Chip Spreader," and "Operating a Forklift."

Independent Stretching Program: Living in Balance

This is a document outlining the benefits of implementing a stretching program and how to do it.

Download This Document

Bloodborne Pathogens

Any employee who is employed in an occupation that increases their risk of exposure to Bloodborne pathogens is considered high risk.

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Ergonomic Mousing Risks

People who use a computer mouse for much of their workday have a higher risk of developing hand and wrist problems, according to a new study by Danish researchers.

Nursing Home Ergonomics

The Wyandot County Nursing Home in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, is a 100-bed, county-run home which employs 90 workers, 45 of whom are nursing assistants.  The Wyandot facility crafted a program that is similar to voluntary guidelines issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for nursing homes.

Ergonomic Risks from Laptop Computers

35,000,000 laptop computers are to be produced in 2003!  Dependency on the laptop as a primary workstation has been established in all types of office work.  Some large companies are planning complete shifts from desk-top to laptop models.  However, this convenience of portability has lead to a wide range of ergonomic situations.

Ergonomics for Road Crews, Law Enforcement & Firefighters

Ergonomics is not just for office and computer stations.  Service departments can also design safe and comfortable work areas and work habits.