Resolution No. 2020-9

A Granite County Resolution Declaring an Emergency Due to Threat of COVID-19 Virus & Associated Health Issues

WHEREAS, Montana law at § 10-3-402 MCA allows the Board of Granite County Commissioners to declare an emergency proclamation and disaster declaration; and

WHEREAS, valid medical reports indicate that the new virus, Covid-19 (new
Corona virus), is spreading in Montana and in the region, and is a real health threat; and

WHERAS, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has declared a national emergency, and the World Health Organization has declared the current Covid-19 virus outbreak is a pandemic; and

WHEREAS, the Covid-19 virus with accompanying illness (and potentially even death), will likely result in Granite County from the Covid-19 virus and associated health issues.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS RESOLVED the Granite County Commissioners declare that an emergency exists, and an emergency proclamation and declaration is hereby made regarding the Covid-19 virus and associated health issues.

UNANIMOUSLY ADOPTED AND PASSED this 17 day of March, 2020, A.D.

Submitted by the Granite County Board of County Commissioners