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On Friday the 13th of March, the Prairie County Commissioners declared an emergency/disaster due to the Coronavirus Pandemic that we will have to address now and in the future. This will allow Prairie County to levy an additional 2 mills to address this issue.  At this point in time, Prairie County has no Coronavirus infections documented, but believe it to be our responsibility to be prepared and aware of the threat.

Prairie County is doing this because:

  1. We have one of the oldest populations in the United States who are at greater risk;
  2. We support our local hospital, DES, ambulance, and department of health financially and politically;
  3. We support our Governor that has declared an emergency for the entire state;
  4. We support our President and his administration on his National Declaration of an Emergency;
  5. We have to be prepared for the “unknowns” of the economic and health impacts related to;
  6. We are sending a message to our Congress that local taxpayers and government are willing to share in the cost of the impacts over and above the normal expectations and we expect action from our Federal electoral;
  7. And, most importantly, to protect our people.

The county encourages all counties in Montana to consider the same.

Submitted by the Prairie County Board of County Commissioners