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Published March 15, 2023

Position Details

Position Title: Chief Financial Officer
County: Cascade
Department: Commission Office
Department Administrator: Board of County Commissioners
Schedule: Full-time with Benefits
Salary or Pay Rate: $90,000 – $115,000 DOE
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Position Description


Cascade County is seeking to hire a Chief Financial Officer. This position ensures the accountability and effectiveness of Cascade County government by providing efficient innovative services, public policy analysis, financial expertise and management and oversight of the accounting, budgetary, purchasing and financial operations and activities of Cascade County in support of all Cascade County Offices and Departments.

  • The CFO’s primary duties and responsibilities include: managing and directing the Finance Department, which is responsible for all accounting, budgeting, purchasing and financial support for all County operations, overall County budget development, preparation, analysis and oversight, financial policy analysis and implementation, direction and oversight of financial programs/service delivery, resources management and maintaining internal accounting, budgetary and financial systems and controls.
  • The CFO’s duties and responsibilities also include: making budget appropriations and monitoring Budget Performance Reports, studying economic trends and revenue opportunities/projections, tracking Loan Instruments and Special Assessment (RSID), reviewing and analyzing investment strategies and compiling data and overseeing the preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and any other financial documentation for the Annual Audit.
  • The CFO’s duties include monitoring, management and evaluation of grants within Cascade County, sub-recipient monitoring and compliance, assistance with the annual fiscal audit including evaluation of time and effort reporting, federal cost principles and other internal controls related to grant compliance.
  • The CFO participates in decisions related to the planning, direction, administration and supervision of the financial operations and activities of the County as assigned by the Board of County Commissioners (BOC).
  • The CFO exercises supervision over the work of all personnel in the Finance Department. The CFO performs other duties as required or assigned by the BOC to accomplish the overall accounting, budgetary and financial objectives, missions and goals of the County.



Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance Management; or Public Administration and three (3) years of experience in government accounting to include current GASB/GAAP standards and regulations. Grant management or similar program management preferred.
Equivalencies include an Associate’s Degree in Accounting and six (6) years progressive experience in government accounting to include current GASB/GAAP standards and regulations. Grant management or similar program management preferred.


Must possess a valid driver’s license issues by the State of Montana or be able to obtain one within thirty (30) days of hire.

Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ensures the accountability and effectiveness of Cascade County government by providing efficient innovative services, public policy analysis, financial expertise and management and oversight of the accounting, budgetary, purchasing and financial operations and activities of Cascade County in support of all County Offices and Departments;
  • Manages, supervises and directs the Finance Department and all departmental personnel, which is responsible for all accounting, budgeting, purchasing and financial support for all County operations;
  • Directs and schedules the work, assigns priorities and develops, organizes, directs and controls the coordination and scheduling of projects and daily operations of the Finance Department, ensures a properly trained workforce and makes staffing decisions including hiring, firing, training, discipline and performance evaluations;
  • Responsible for overall County budget development, preparation, analysis and oversight, financial policy analysis and implementation, direction and oversight of financial programs/service delivery, resources management and maintaining the integrity of the County’s internal accounting, budgetary and financial systems and controls;
  • Plans and manages County fiscal activities and accounting and enterprise systems to meet accounting and reporting needs in compliance with local, state and federal regulations and generally accepted professional practices, such as cost accounting, budgets, regulatory agency and government reports ensuring the safeguard of County assets. This includes participating in planning and establishing fiscal systems and policies to meet County business needs, reviewing and interpreting accounting and reporting guidelines (e.g., Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Federal Circulars) in coordination with the BOC and having discussions with elected officials, department heads and other agencies;
  • Evaluate County financial transactions to ensure proper financial management. This includes monitoring financial activities including cash and fixed asset management, accounting transactions and reporting. Ensures the proper implementation and administration of internal controls and separation of duties to ensure the integrity and compliance of financial transactions. Reviews and investigates large, unusual and high-risk transactions and makes recommendations to the BOC on policies, internal control systems and/or improved financial management practices necessary to address any potential problem areas identified;
  • Researches and evaluates guidelines and standards to ensure County accounting complies with professional and governmental standards for issues such as the reporting of cash flow for proprietary programs, indirect cost proposals, federal contract accounting requirements, tracking and reporting loans, payments and related transactions, etc.;
  • Analyzes and projects County fiscal needs, revenues and expenditures to provide information used for program planning and budget development. Responsibilities involve assessing economic factors affecting County programs (e.g., revenues, expenditures, historical patterns, ordinances, legislation, etc.) and remaining current on the bond market trends. Forecasts program budget needs by assessing program needs with elected officials and department heads and analyzing various programmatic and funding options;
  • Conducts budget planning and fiscal analysis to support the accurate and effective development and administration of County budgets. This involves developing and compiling budget allocations, analyzing, evaluating, and recommending budget justifications with supporting information and data and assessing impacts of proposed budget changes including enterprise funds and capital reserves. Researches and analyzes fiscal data to interpret and communicate information to program managers, elected officials, department heads, staff and others. Develops cost and revenue projections; and determines the overall cost-effectiveness of various program operations and activities using cost/benefit and risk analysis methodologies. Assembles the budget based on revenue projections (e.g., taxes, assessments, grant, and enterprise-fund revenue collections) department needs, and anticipated expenditures. Calculates and recommends the County mill distribution to the BOC and distributes tax mills under the direction of the BOC;
  • Monitors and evaluates budget and expenditure activity to identify and resolve errors, deficiencies, conflicts, inconsistencies and other problems. Develops and implements a quarterly review process, as determined necessary, to engage the BOC and offices and departments in budget performance monitoring. Coordinates with others to verify financial data, evaluates the long-term budgetary impacts of problems and alternatives and develops and implements solutions consistent with statutory requirements as well as state and office and department policies;
  • Allocates annual budgets to distribute funds according to the BOC’s intent. Reviews specific appropriation requests, analyzes and evaluates budget components to effectively justify budget requests and provides recommendations and support to the BOC. Compiles and submits detailed budget requests, amendments, operational plan changes, funding transfers and related items to the BOC for review and approval to maintain viable program operations. Coordinates the development and submission of all fiscal year end transactions such as accruals, encumbrances and budget adjustments to ensure accurate journal entries/program accounting and adequate financial support for future program operations. Develops and implements a process for budget modifications to ensure consistency throughout the County;
  • Provides guidance on implementation and management of the County budget, budget training and consultation to elected officials, department heads and other designated division/program managers; Participates on the County Investment Board, as requested by the Treasurer. Plans, schedules and budgets for debt repayments and advises BOC on debt repayment strategies;
  • Develops a long-range capital expenditure plan for the County. Analyzes program expenditures to ensure the allocation of funding as designated and monitors funding levels through review of financial reports and expenditures. Reviews and approves requisitions and capital expense purchases to ensure expenses remain within budget and that County resources are used in the most efficient manner possible;
  • Develops accurate and timely fiscal reports to meet County, state and federal reporting requirements and to provide timely information for BOC decision-making. This includes evaluating regulations, establishing reporting formats to meet requirements or user needs, analyzing data for validity and propriety and synthesizing and configuring data to ensure it is provided in formats that comply with accepted practices and standards;
  • Coordinates and oversees the final review of major financial transactions such as County payroll projections, budget allocations, requisitions, claims, accruals and journal vouchers to ensure statutory compliance, efficient workflow and fiscal processing by County staff. Provides advanced technical guidance to County offices and departments regarding accounting, purchasing, budgeting, payroll, property control and revenue and enterprise fund collections to identify and resolve complex or contentious issues affecting budget performance and financial operations;
  • Prepares budget projections on Health Insurance options identified by the Human Resources Director to enable the BOC in making decisions on health insurance benefits plan. Coordinates with the Treasurer to manage special improvement district funds, track payments and interface with the Public Works Department on expenditure of maintenance collections. Identifies and disseminates grant compliance requirements and provides technical assistance to County personnel managing grants to ensure understanding of grant requirements. Prepares templates for sub-recipient agreements and manages internal/external steps in the approval process. Reviews draft applications, particularly for sub-recipient grants. Assists in resolving issues with funding agencies;
  • Reviews grant proposals and makes recommendations to the BOC regarding submission worthiness. Reviews and edits applications for sub-recipient projects for accuracy, completeness and clarity. Develops and makes recommendations for internal grant reporting systems and ensures compliance with federal, state, local government and private funder requirements and confirms County procurement standards are followed. Conducts internal compliance audits to ensure grant requirements (i.e., appropriate spending, time and effort reporting, financial reporting, procurement etc.) are observed. Ensures compliance with federal, regulatory internal controls and cost principles and documentation;
  • Conducts spot reviews of reports and documentation prepared by grant managers to confirm grant compliance. Responsible for preparing and submitting quarterly and/or annual reports on grants as assigned by the BOC and serves as the County’s liaison with grant recipients such as Water and Sewer Districts and provides grant oversight as assigned and directed by the BOC;
  • Makes recommendations and prepares policy relating to grant reporting and compliance. Develops, maintains and updates standard operating procedures and policies. Adheres to standards of confidentiality regarding program/service participants, staff and fiscal matters;
  • Compiles and oversees the preparation of the CAFR, the Narrative for the Management Report and the Annual Audit; Sets up, works with and maintains a variety of files and records including confidential or personal files and ensures that only authorized personnel have access to the contents to the files in accordance with established managerial, confidentiality, functional use and administrative guidelines and procedures;
  • Attends trainings, meetings and conferences as directed or requested to improve efficiencies and to remain current on state and federal requirements applicable to departmental operations;
  • Performs other duties as assigned or required by the BOC to ensure that all accounting, budgetary and financial functions, operations and activities of the County are carried out according to policy and in a timely manner.

Knowledge & Understanding Of:

  • GASB and GAAP practices and standards;
  • Knowledge of Property Tax Revenue Calculations and Mill Values;
  • State of Montana’s Budgetary Accounting and Reporting System (BARS) or similar accounting system;
  • Governmental fiscal administrative processes such as budget development and disbursement, rate setting, accounting, grant administration and purchasing;
  • Generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS); Intermediate to advanced software knowledge in Microsoft Office;
  • Cost Accounting procedures as utilized in Local Government Agencies;
  • Health Insurance Costs and Calculations;
  • Loan and Bonding Processes;
  • Uniform Guidance for Federal Grants and Cooperative Agreements and all subparts (2CFR200);
  • Federal Procurement Regulations;
  • Montana Code Annotated (MCA) for Contract Requirements, Procurement Policy and Local Government (primarily Titles 2, 7 and 18);
  • Grant reporting principles and techniques;
  • English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation;
  • Supervisory principles, methods and techniques;
  • County policies, procedures, standards and guidelines;
  • County safety rules, procedures and practices.

Skills In:

  • Prepare a complex budget and program management;
  • Operate computer and implement and train others in data processing technology as it applies to financial processes, accounting and auditing utilizations;
  • Cascade County utilizes the New World ERP 2022.1 system;
  • Create Excel Spreadsheets to display analysis data in an understandable format;
  • Operate a personal computer using word processing, financial spreadsheets, specialized accounting and database applications appropriate to assigned duties;
  • Provide excellent written and verbal communication skills. Engage in excellent customer service;
  • Time management, accuracy, attention to detail and organization;
  • Decision making and effective problem solving;
  • Using tact, discretion, initiative and independent judgment within established guidelines;
  • Establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with co-workers, other county offices and departments, County employees and the general public.

Ability To:

  • Maintain a program of fiscal services and controls as defined by County Policy;
  • Research and evaluate complex rules and regulations based on local, state and federal laws;
  • Evaluate the soundness of financial practices and seek methods to improve the County’s financial practices;
  • Analyze and interpret financial data and information, reach conclusions and recommend strategies for local government;
  • Organize information clearly to meet management’s need;
  • Proficiently operate a computer, use and understand common database, spreadsheet and word processing applications and learn specialized computer applications, including the County’s accounting software, to complete required job duties;
  • Perform computations accurately and quickly;
  • Experience in grant or data reporting processes;
  • Perform a wide variety of public relations, customer services and supervisory tasks with accuracy and speed under the pressure of time-sensitive deadlines;
  • Work in a collaborative and team-oriented manner with management, other County employees and offices/departments;
  • Work in a professional, business-oriented environment according to all professional standards of ethics and decorum;
  • Understand program objectives in relation to departmental goals and objectives;
  • Exercise sound judgment and decision-making skills within established standards, guidelines, policies and procedures;
  • Understand complex laws, regulations, rules and policies governing program operations;
  • Communicate in a professional and effective manner with others in both technical and non-technical terms, both orally and in writing;
  • Prepare accurate and reliable reports containing findings, recommendations and technical documentation;
  • Organize and prioritize work assignments and environment to maximize efficiency;
  • Learn and utilize new skills and knowledge brought about by rapidly changing information and/or technology;
  • Use logical and creative thought processes to develop solutions according to written specifications and/or oral instructions;
  • Meet challenges with resourcefulness through original thinking and creativity;
  • Manage and complete multiple tasks under fixed timelines;
  • Identify, analyze and address problems and trends in a timely, efficient and equitable manner;
  • Adapt to and maintain concentration and deal with interruptions, equipment failures, delays, changing priorities, unexpected events in the work environment;
  • Handle sensitive and confidential information and comply with and adhere to strict standards of confidentiality;
  • Respond promptly to requests and inquiries from the public, employees and others within established standards, guidelines, policies and procedures;
  • Prepare, coordinate, collect, compile, analyze, maintain and utilize a variety of technical and complex reports, records and data;
  • Observe established lines of authority; Accept responsibility and be self-motivated;
  • Demonstrate punctuality and observe established work hours;
  • Occasionally work outside normal hours as assigned; Perform other duties as required or assigned.

Notice to Applicants

The successful applicant shall serve a 1-year probationary period and will have a criminal background check conducted. The results thereof may disqualify the applicant from consideration for employment with the county.

Applicants who are claiming Veteran’s or Handicap Preference must provide a DD-214 Discharge Document (Part 4) or DPHHS Handicap Certification and Employment Preference Form with their application for employment so Cascade County may apply the preference during the selection process.

Cascade County makes reasonable accommodations for any known disability that may interfere with the applicant’s ability to compete in the recruitment and selection process or an employee’s ability to perform the essential duties of the job. For Cascade County to consider such arrangements, the applicants must make known any needed accommodations.

Application Instructions

Submit all application materials to:

Cascade County Human Resources Department
325 2nd Ave N #108
Great Falls, MT 59401

Applications available at the Cascade County Human Resources Dept., or Job Service.