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Published March 15, 2023

Position Details

Position Title: Prevention Services Division Manager
County: Cascade
Department: City – County Health Department
Department Administrator: Abigail Hill
Salary or Pay Rate: $60,000 – $65,000 Yearly DOE
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Position Description


Cascade County is seeking to hire a Prevention Services Division Manager. The Prevention Services Division Manager (PSDM) at the Cascade City-County Health Department (CCHD) performs administrative, supervisory, budgetary, and technical duties in overseeing, planning, coordinating and implementing the Prevention Services Division (PSD) chronic and communicable disease prevention and control programs and activities.

PSD programs include, but are not limited to, immunizations, communicable disease surveillance, investigation and control, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention and case management, sexually transmitted disease (STD) control, tuberculosis (TB) control, Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP), worksite health, breast and cervical health and daycare activities; working collaboratively with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) and other federal, state and local agencies to carry out PSD programs in accordance with all regulatory requirements. The PSDM actively engages with the CCHD Leadership team to support a well-functioning agency by assisting in the development of plans, protocols, and procedures for the CCHD; accreditation coordination and performance management and other duties or projects as required or assigned to accomplish the overall objectives and mission of the CCHD. The PSDM has frequent contact with the public, local, State and Federal grantors, and community partners.



  • Bachelor’s Degree (preferably in a health-related field) and three (3) years of progressively responsible administrative experience including program planning, planning and evaluation, policy development, budgeting, supervision and staff management.
  • Must have strong public health disease prevention and control orientation.


  • Current license to practice nursing in the State of Montana preferred.
  • Valid Montana driver’s license or the ability to obtain within thirty (30) days of hire.

Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Coordinates communicable disease surveillance, investigation, and control activities; Coordinates chronic disease prevention / health promotion programs and activities;
  • Collects data, compiles accurate statistical information, and prepares accurate records and reports;
  • Ensures program effectiveness by periodic review, evaluation, and planning; Ensures CCHD, HIPAA, County, state and federal privacy and security laws, rules, policies, guidelines and practices compliance;
  • Assures that written program procedures are in place and kept current for all chronic and communicable disease programs;
  • Monitors the quality assurance process as relates to chronic and communicable disease prevention programs;
  • Maintains positive communication and relationships with community agencies to promote coordination of services and professional inter-agency communication;
  • Contributes to a work environment that encourages positive staff morale and motivation, commitment and team building with the Disease Prevention section and with other Health Department staff and programs;
  • Manages PSD programs in accordance with regulatory authority and in collaboration with the Health Officer, Cascade County Board of Health and Cascade County Attorney;
  • Manages PSD budgets in accordance with Cascade County policies, CCHD protocols and as required under specific contracts. Ensures programs do not exceed established budgets and manage funds as good stewards of taxpayer dollars;
  • Oversees and supports clinical support specialists in medical billing and coordination between Big Sky Billing or other vendors to ensure timely and accurate medical billing practices;
  • Ensures PSD contract deliverables and reporting requirements are met; Participates in applying for grant funding including budget development;
  • Adheres to all Cascade County and CCHD policies, protocols and procedures;
  • Adheres to the organization’s mission and vision and acts in line with the values identified by the agency. Assigns, supervises, reviews and monitors employee work including quality, efficiency and productivity;
  • Responds to and resolves staff questions, job-related and technical difficulties and concerns;
  • Understands and supports a team approach, is seen as a team player, cooperative and supportive of his /her coworkers, practices what he/she preaches. Can be candid with peers and fosters open dialogue. Creates a feeling of belonging on the team and holds self and team accountable to those behaviors;
  • Works with people of all ages with diverse background and lifestyles in a nonjudgmental manner;
  • Manages day to day PSD activities including resolution of difficult issues that arise where management intervention is needed;
  • Participates in personnel recruitment and selection;
  • Develops, revises and updates PSD programs, protocols and procedures to align with regulatory requirements and regulatory changes in a continual effort of quality improvement;
  • Ensures that PSD staff are adequately trained in PS programs and work assignments as part of workforce development and provide ongoing training opportunities to maintain licensure, competence in their performance in the changing PS landscape and staff satisfaction of current positions;
  • Develops and applies the Emergency Response Guide (ERG) and public health preparedness activities;
  • Maintains positive communication and relationships with community agencies that fosters a respected image of CCHD as a fair, reliable and helpful resource promoting the vision and mission of the agency with programs and practices that promote a healthy environment;
  • Assists in field work where needed, rabies bite investigations, emergency response and communicable disease investigations;
  • Enforces violations relating to public and disease prevention laws and regulations in collaboration with PSD staff, the Health Officer and the County Attorney as needed;
  • Works closely with local, state and federal stakeholder agencies to ensure effective communication and coordination of activities conducted in the PSD;
  • Reports monthly to local Board of Health and to Board of County Commissioners as needed;
  • Actively participates in weekly Leadership Team meetings and supports management and agency goals that may include, but are not limited to, promoting positive work culture, achieving Public Health Accreditation, implementing the agency strategic plan, supporting workforce development, providing input to the Community Health Improvement Plan and emergency response training and participation in exercises and incidents;
  • Provides assistance and support to the Health Officer in the assessment and monitoring of health factors in Cascade County and the development of strategic to effectively address and communicate health issues to the public;
  • Provides official and unofficial input to state agencies when administrative rule changes are taking place;
  • Updates Board of Health and Board of County Commissioners on legislative changes that impact PSD programs;
  • Coordinates with CCHD Communications Officer in preparing educational materials, public presentations and maintaining current website information;
  • Embodies and embraces public health principals; Performs other duties or projects as required or assigned to accomplish the objectives of the position.

Knowledge & Understanding Of: 

  • Theories, principles and practices of disease prevention and control, including biology, microbiology, chemistry and public health;
  • Program management skills including management of contracts, budgets and resources, program assessment and quality improvement, team building, employee management and discipline, time management, general human resource practices;
  • Montana Code Annotated and Administrative Rules of Montana;
  • HIPAA and applicable state privacy laws; PSD regulations and enforcement;
  • Principles and practices of disease prevention and control and control regulations;
  • Practices and techniques of research, data collection and analysis used in disease prevention study and monitoring;
  • Public health community resources; Public health state and federal partners and resources;
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity, and how our own cultural beliefs, values, and customs may shape our decisions and behaviors.

Skills In:

  • Organizational and supervisory skills;
  • Communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Analytical and problem-solving abilities;
  • Time management and organization;
  • Administrative and financial program planning, implementation, management and evaluation including reporting and record management;
  • Comprehending a budget and managing program resources;
  • Building a positive, cohesive and effective team;
  • Independent decision making and problem solving;
  • Promoting a positive work environment;
  • Developing and participating in community partnerships and coalitions;
  • Establishing and maintaining effective work relationships with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Work independently but also as a team;
  • Effective oral and written communication;
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint.

Ability To:

  • Develop or modify program plans;
  • Speak publicly and make presentations;
  • Proficiently operate a computer and achieve knowledge of additional computer applications as needed to complete required job duties;
  • Recognize and investigate sanitation problems and correct unsanitary or hazardous conditions;
  • Interpret laws, policies and regulations;
  • Remain fair in interpreting and implementing rules and regulations;
  • Prepare and submit accurate, timely reports and records;
  • Interact with the public or other employees in a professional, respectful and courteous manner;
  • Practice good public relations and display sound judgment and decision-making skills within established policies and procedures in stressful situations;
  • Communicate in a professional and effective manner with others, both orally and in writing information, clearly and concisely;
  • Comprehend and follow verbal and written instructions;
  • Maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive information;
  • Establish effective working relationships with fellow employees, supervisors and the public;
  • Identify problems that adversely affect the organization and its functions and offer positive suggestions for improvements;
  • Work collaboratively with management, co-workers, multiple agencies or organizations;
  • Exercise sound judgment and decision-making skills within established policies and procedures;
  • Accept responsibility and be self-motivated;
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic to achieve academic and professional goals;
  • Demonstrate punctuality and observe required work hours;
  • Work independently with little supervision.

Notice to Applicants:

The successful applicant shall serve a 1-year probationary period and will have a criminal background check conducted. The results thereof may disqualify the applicant from consideration for employment with the county.

Applicants who are claiming Veteran’s or Handicap Preference must provide a DD-214 Discharge Document (Part 4) or DPHHS Handicap Certification and Employment Preference Form with their application for employment so Cascade County may apply the preference during the selection process.

Cascade County makes reasonable accommodations for any known disability that may interfere with the applicant’s ability to compete in the recruitment and selection process or an employee’s ability to perform the essential duties of the job. For Cascade County to consider such arrangements, the applicants must make known any needed accommodations.

Application Instructions

Submit all application materials to:

Cascade County Human Resources Department
325 2nd Ave N #108
Great Falls, MT 59401

Applications available at the Cascade County Human Resources Dept., or Job Service.