Published November 30, 2020

Position Details

Position Title: Election Administrator
Organization:  Lincoln County
Accountable to:  Board of County Commissioners

Primary Objective of Position

Under the supervision of the Board of County Commissioners, this position manages, supervises the voter registration system in Lincoln County; plans, organizes and conducts elections in the county to comply with state election laws and statutes and supervises all other operations and activities of the County Election Office.

The Election Administrator works closely alongside the Clerk and Recorder. The Clerk & Recorder’s Department and the Election’s Department share office space and personnel. The Clerk & Recorder is the personnel/staff supervisor. The Election Administrator is an employee of the office and falls under the supervision of the Clerk & Recorder. The Election Administrator keeps the Clerk & Recorder informed of all election activities. All Clerk & Recorder personnel is trained by the Election Administrator on election tasks and processes.

Essential Job Functions

  • The County Elections Administrator plans, organizes, coordinates, and manages Federal, State, and County elections and all facets of the voter registration processes in accordance with Montana State Law, including administrative direction from the Montana Secretary of State. The Election Administrator also conducts elections for other governmental entities that may contract with the County for election services;
  • Manages plans and directs highly technical election activities including ballot design and layout, equipment preparation and testing, develops, conducts and facilitates a complex schedule of training workshops for election staff to ensure familiarity with election laws and regulations. Includes staff assignments, selection of polling places, oversight for absentee voting, late registration and the overall management of local, State and Federal elections;
  • Reviews, interprets and implements complex laws, regulations and policies (local, State and Federal) that vary for each election, change continually, and relate to the voting process, candidate requirements, campaign finance disclosure process, accessibility issues and other activities relating to the election process;
  • Serves as the elections department manager; supervises staff, directly and indirectly related to elections. Responsible for employee development and training within the elections department;
  • Develops and oversees the elections department budget. Oversees and manages receipts and expenditures to meet strategic goals;
  • Plans and organizes customer service procedures. Takes steps to improve service to electors and to the public; responds to complaints. Provides guidance and direct assistance to staff encountering difficult problems or customer confrontations, related to elections;
  • Maintains a current knowledge of voter registration and election rules and policies set by the State of Montana, the Secretary of State’s Office and the Federal Election Commission. Communicates pertinent information to Board of County Commissioners, and personnel;
  • Monitors the acceptance and verification petitions in accordance with statutory guidelines. Providing required results to the Montana Secretary of State and Board of County Commissioners pursuant to Montana State Law;
  • Prepares materials for meetings with Board of County Commissioners and provides information to the general public;
  • Provides information and handles correspondence with general public, candidates for office, media, and representatives of other political subdivisions or government agencies;
  • Develops election plans, and plans for citizen participation in elections. Oversees projects related to the conduct of elections and develops procedures to implement changes in election procedures and to manage information and communication flow; and
  • Prepares news releases, fact sheets and other informational materials. Develops policies, procedures, posters, flyers, graphics and videos to support communications within the department. Reports election activities and schedules to the Board of County Commissioners.

Major Areas of Accountability & Performance

  • Develops and implements procedures for all aspects of elections;
  • Ensures that all applicable regulations are met, legal notices and properly posted;
  • Verifies declarations of nominations for candidates required to file at the county level;
  • Designs ballot layout and proper rotations; oversees printing of ballots;
  • Conducts absentee voting process, receiving ballots by mail or in person;
  • Sets up computer program for each election;
  • Conducts testing of ballot scanners and ballot marking devices to ensure accuracy;
  • Communicates in person, by telephone, and in writing with state and local officials, candidates, news media representatives, voters and the general public on matters concerning election responsibilities;
  • Hires election judges and part-time employees as required;
  • Provides state mandated election judge certification training for as many as 120 election judges;
  • Maintains equipment for polling places in good working order;
  • Manages personnel related to election work.
  • Determines administrative and technical support needs and services for the election department and confers with county department heads and elected officials to discuss long-range planning and use of available county staff and resources for elections and assistance;
  • Participates as assigned in a continuing program of office modernization, including the establishment, maintenance and updating of computer systems for improved elections department operation;
  • Conducts extensive research of local, state and federal laws to develop an annual elections calendar;
  • Works with media organizations in the county to provide elections information as requested;
  • Interprets and applies departmental rules, policies and regulations in accordance with prescribed procedures and guidelines;
  • Conducts a program of public education concerning election processes and procedures through meetings, speeches and attendance at various organizational conferences;
  • Conducts research to stay current on new elections technologies and to determine their applicability to county elections policies, procedures and practices;
  • Supervises and orders supplies for county mail service;
    Performs other duties as assigned.


Knowledge of:

  • State and federal elections laws and regulations;
  • Elections department processes and procedures;
  • Modern office procedures, practices and equipment;
  • Data processing programs, policies and operations as applied to elections;
  • Modern office filing systems and procedures;
  • Modern standard bookkeeping principles, practices and procedures;
  • Operations and functions of county government;
  • Safety rules, procedures and practices;

Physical/Environmental Demands

The work requires occasional heavy lifting (up to 45 pounds) and periods of strenuous physical demand to conduct training sessions. Requires occasional travel, locally and out of town to meetings and training. Most work performed in an office or business setting but requires visits to remote polling places that may involve walking over rough and uneven terrain.


Bachelor’s degree preferred, or in lieu of degree, five (5) years experience in a management position involving public contact, preferably in an elections office; or an equivalent combination of education and related experience. Must be a qualified voter of the State of Montana. Must possess a valid Montana driver’s license or the ability to obtain one within six months. A comprehensive knowledge of election laws and regulations strongly preferred and desired.

Application Instructions

Visit the Lincoln County Website for application and instructions on how to submit:

This job description is not intended to be and should not be construed as an all inclusive list of all the responsibilities, skills, or working conditions associated with the position. While it is intended to accurately reflect the position activities and requirements, management reserves the right to modify, add or remove duties and assign other duties as necessary.