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Published November 21, 2023

Position Details

Position Title: Deputy Sheriff
County: Sanders
Department: Sheriff’s Office
Salary or Pay Rate: $26.07/hour
Work Week: 40 hours per week (full time) with full employee benefits
Closing Date: Open until filled. First review of applications: 12/12/23

Position Description


Sanders County is seeking to hire a Deputy Sheriff. The Deputy Sheriff is responsible for performing law enforcement and crime prevention work, including patrolling assigned areas, preserving the peace, serving warrants and making arrests, assisting preliminary criminal investigations, and supporting inmate security at a sheriff’s detention facility. This includes assignments to civil, detention, investigations, and court security and performing related duties as assigned. The Deputy Sheriff patrols the County to enforce and maintain federal, state, and local laws, safety regulations, and principles of the US Constitution.  Responsible for protecting life and property, investigating crimes, serving civil and criminal papers/warrants, and performing the duties of a Deputy Sheriff’s officer.  Maintains professional public relations, performs special tasks of law enforcement as needed, and demonstrates integrity and confidentiality in the performance of all duties and backup responsibilities.

The mission of the Sheriff’s Office is to maintain and improve the quality of life within the community by working with all people to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, and promote individual responsibility and community commitment.


For a full list of duties, contact Sanders County.

  • Patrol assigned areas and assist local peace officers in protecting life and property by enforcing laws. Observe and assess all situations, activities, and surroundings and take actions to correct, resolve, and control any potential problems, unusual occurrences, and breaches of peace through appropriate application of law, approved departmental policy and sound judgment.
  • Serve warrants and make arrests, perform preliminary investigations of complaints and criminal violations and gather evidence and interview witnesses according to legal guidelines and departmental policy. This includes conducting searches, seizing and preventing the circulation of any drugs or contraband, fingerprinting, checking law enforcement files and databases, receiving and recording evidence and property, and related police work.
  • Respond to calls for services and take control of accident and crime scenes, identify persons involved, interview witnesses, investigate causes, and administer basic first aid when needed to safeguard the public and preserve peace. Write and file reports, make maps, photos, diagrams and charts describing incidents, crimes and accidents and testify in court as expert or material witness in the interest of promoting justice.
  • Serve legal papers such as subpoenas, summons, complaints, and writs of attachment, execution, and restitution to assist in facilitating County and state legal/justice proceedings. Conduct or assist in sale of attached property, collect fees due the County, and receive and deposit bail in accordance with the law and department procedures.
  • Serve as bailiff to maintain security and order in the court and remove disorderly persons when necessary to assist in the swift application of court proceedings. Provide security and safety of jury deliberations, jurors, the public, and prisoners and set up projectors and other equipment used in court to assist in facilitating court proceedings.
  • Maintain security and monitor movement of persons detained at a Sheriff’s detention facility to protect the public and other prisoners. This may include escorting detainees and inmates to court appearances, medical checks, exercise, showers, classrooms, counselor visits, family visits, and other approved appointments at mental hospitals, medical facilities, or clinics.
  • Make appropriate judgments of needed actions for a wide variety of situations, including legal jurisdiction for interventions, and adapt responses according to established departmental policy, criminal codes, ongoing training, conditions, and specifics of a situation. Use sound, professional judgment and rely on training and common sense to request assistance of other law enforcement officers, public health or safety officials, emergency medical personnel and/or medical examiners staff.

Required Education & Experience

  • This job requires education and experience equivalent to a high school diploma or a GED certificate.
  • The job requires a valid Montana driver’s license, or eligibility to gain one, and a good driving record. Incumbent must successfully complete the Montana Law Enforcement Academy and meet the other statutory qualifications in M.C.A. 7-32-2104.
  • Montana P.O.S.T. certified required or be eligible to test within one year of employment. Must maintain First Aid and CPR competency through certification.

Application Instructions

Applications and a complete job description are available at the Human Resources office, 1111 Main Street, Thompson Falls, MT, or by sending an email to Rich Wallace at  You may submit your application online through Thompson Falls Job Services at or by calling (406) 382-3045.

Applicant Pool Statement

If another department vacancy occurs in this job title within six months, the same applicant pool may be used for the selection.