The above link contains a spreadsheet with the projected quarterly county attorney salary amounts for each county, which the Montana Department of Justice has prepared for the 2021 Biennium.  These projections are the state’s share for services performed by the county attorney for the state.  Pursuant to the provisions of Section 7-4-2502, MCA, the funding for the salary and health insurance benefits for the county attorney is a shared responsibility of the state and the county.

The payments received from the state have no direct connection to a county attorney’s actual salary. This is a payment from the state to the county for services rendered. It is not intended to be used as a basis for calculating county attorneys’ salaries; however, commissioners may do so if they choose.

The salary for the county attorney is established by the Board of Commissioners based upon a recommendation of the County Compensation Board.

Statute imposes two requirements:

  1. A county attorney’s salary increase cannot be less that the increase granted to other elected officials; and
  2. A county attorney’s salary cannot exceed that of a district court judge, except when the uniform increase would cause the salary to do so.

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