A friendly reminder from your MACo Risk Management Team

It is a busy time of year for counties, and it is imperative that everyone is aware of the importance of properly reporting volunteers for workers’ compensation coverage. Volunteers must be reported before they begin any volunteer activities.

The MACo Workers’ Compensation Manual outlines criteria for reporting of volunteers and volunteer firefighters.

ALL volunteers must be reported on a roster, which is to be sent into MACo at smcgowan@mtcounties.org on a monthly basis and the premium is then paid quarterly. The manual has an appendix for instructions on how to calculate and report premiums.

Volunteer firefighter coverage is governed by MCA 7-33-4510 and 39-71-745. Please refer to that statute for any questions regarding coverage and calculation of premiums.

Wendy Sesselman  |  MACo WCT Claims Supervisor |  wsesselman@mtcounties.org |  (406) 442-1178