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Published March 20, 2020

It’s Never Been Easier to Self-Respond to the Census

Montanans can now begin filling out their Census forms online or by phone at or 1-844-330-2020. In conjunction with the beginning of the 2020 Census, Montana’s Complete Count Committee is releasing its final public service announcement encouraging Montanans to respond.

“In Montana we count everything,” a Montana rancher says as he counts cattle running out of his gate. “Fill Out Your Form” features Montana elementary school kids, a rancher, and military personnel as they explain why an accurate count matters to Montana. This Census 2020 public service announcement will be airing on broadcast television and radio stations statewide and will run through mid-May when the Census self-response phase ends. This spot is available for download in :30 second radio and TV ads and :15 and :06 second digital ads.

It has never been easier to respond to the Census on your own, all without having a census taker come to your door.

Distributed by the Montana Broadcasters Association, this public service announcement will also be available for individual download and distribution on CENSUS.MT.GOV, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. Individuals, businesses, and organizations are encouraged to download the videos and share them on their websites, social media platforms, newsletters, or other digital communication channels along with the Census self-response website, and phone number to encourage every Montanan to fill out their form.

Counting everyone in Montana is critical because it determines the state’s share of federal funding over the next decade, it shapes local voting districts, and it determines whether Montana will get another representative in Congress.

Montana receives an estimated $2 billion in federal funds each year based on Census data. For every Montana resident counted, a Census study estimates the state will receive $20,000 over the decade for things like schools, healthcare and highways.

Find additional resources and to learn more about how Montana is preparing for the Census at CENSUS.MT.GOV.

Download “Fill Out Your Form”

Montana Census 2020  |  Department of Commerce |  (406) 841-2870