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Published January 15, 2020

Open Through February 15th

This is now a requirement for any grant funding coming from State DES, State 911, DHS or MBOCC.

For those of you that are looking at grant funding this coming year, you have less than 30 days left to sign up and complete the free National CyberSecurity Review (NCSR).

In order to sign up, please email and request access to the NCSR portal to complete your free NCSR assessment.  Make sure and let them know if you are city, county, or a law enforcement organization.

Listed below is a resources section and a webinar with how to get it completed.

Additional Resources

The following page houses NCSR guidance under the “Resources” section, such as a FAQ and a User Guide: Also included are supplementary resources, such as a Policy Template Guide and a Cybersecurity Resources Guide.

The following page has a recording of a recent NCSR webinar: