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Published January 14, 2020

March 3-4, 2020 in Helena

Mark your calendar for the second biennial Montana Water Summit! The goal of the Montana Water Summit is to provide information, spur discussion and explore solutions in a statewide forum to help Montanans address critical tensions at the nexus of land and water planning, management and policy.

Land and water are inextricably linked: What happens to one resource impacts the other. Yet, despite this simple concept, land management and water management are poorly integrated and increasingly complex.

What happens to a river when its floodplain is developed? Does converting land from agricultural production impact late season streamflow in the neighboring county? Why do local jurisdictions employ land use, but not water use, planners?

Can we meet the needs of a growing population and adapt to climate change by more thoughtfully integrating land and water management and policy? Yes! Solutions, though complex, abound at both regional and local scales. Join diverse Montanans and invited speakers from a variety of backgrounds to explore these hot spots – and solutions – at the land and water nexus.

Who should attend?

Land and water natural resources planners and managers (municipal, watershed, city, county, state, federal, tribal); watershed groups; conservation districts; engineers; scientists; recreationists and outfitters; conservation groups and NGOs; agricultural producers and advisors; university professors and graduate students; and local, state, and federal-level elected officials; and interested community members.

Sara Meloy  |  DNRC Water Planner  |  (406) 444-4247  |
Ann Schwend  |  DNRC Water Planner  |  (406) 444-1806  |