During the legislative session, MACo posts the weekly hearings schedule for the bills that we are watching.

Below are the bills scheduled for the week. If the text is bold and teal, then these are bills we are watching and potentially supporting, opposing, or working to amend. Bills highlighted green are MACo bills, and blue indicates the bills we are watching closely or with which have been involved on some level. The committees, bill numbers, and sponsors are all linked to their respective information. We also try to keep up with posting the Executive Action that may be happening on bills after they are heard in committee as the week progresses; this is indicated by red bold font.

Please note that not all bills may be listed, as bills are consistently being scheduled, and this hearing schedule is updated in the evening. To view all bills being heard for any day, click here


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Thursday, April 25, 2019




Bill No.

Short Title


The 66th Regular Session of the Montana Legislature adjourned Sine Die on April 25th, 2019 (Legislative day 87).
The next Regular Legislative Session will begin January, 2021.