NOTICE: HB 76 from the 2023 Legislative Session simplified to the “old/regular gas tax” distributions, MCA 15-70-127 (see the attached pdf). Along with the simplification, HB 76 also repealed BaRSAA and added the additional cents to the “old/regular gas tax” (effective June 30, 2023). Unused balances remaining in the former 15-70-127 bridge and road safety and accountability restricted account will be distributed in accordance with MCA 15-70-101 subsections (2)(b) and (2)(c) in one lump sum payment on September 1, 2023. This final payment can be combined with your regular gas tax funds. Download projections below.

County Fuel Tax Resources

Click the button below to download an Excel file containing the liquid fuel or gas tax projected allocations that counties will receive for Fiscal Year 2024 as well as historical payments.

Additional Information

Click the button below to download a PDF document describing what qualifies a road for fuel tax mileage. Keep in mind that for fuel tax purposes, any road that is open to public travel and has at least a minimal level of maintenance is eligible. The road miles in each county may, and often does, change from year to year as roads become eligible and ineligible. It is very important that counties “mark up” the maps that are sent to them each fall, noting any changes. As miles are added and subtracted, the payment amount to each county changes because the appropriation is fixed.

Click the button below to download a PowerPoint presentation that goes into detail about what makes a road “Open to the Public.”