Welcome to Express Scripts!

Beginning January 1, 2019 MACo HCT transitioned to Express Scripts to manage the prescription drug plan.

All members enrolled in a MACo HCT Medical/Rx Plan received a new MACo HCT ID Card in December 2018. Please be certain to present your new MACo HCT ID Card at the pharmacy counter beginning January 1, 2019.

Website: www.Express-Scripts.com
Phone Number: (877) 819-4026

Manage Your Prescriptions

One of the great things about being an Express Scripts member is that you can manage your medicine easily on your laptop, tablet, desktop or phone. Whether you want to check your order status, look for savings opportunities, look up information about your benefit, get a refill or even find a pharmacy, the Express Scripts app can help!

Just register at Express-Scripts.com link or on the app. You can download the app on your phone by searching your app store for Express Scripts.

Preventive Medications

Preventive Medications – Standard plus Generics Only

The list provides examples of commony prescribed preventive medications. It is ot an all-inclusive list; but many examples of medications in each category are listed.

Preferred Drug List & Exclusions

National Preferred Drugs with Exclusions
2023 Preferred Drug Exlusion List Changes

A Preferred Drug List helps keep healthcare costs down for everybody. It’s a list of medicines that have been reviewed and approved for safety, effectiveness and cost by a panel of doctors and pharmacists. This list is continually reviewed and updated as new medicines become available.

Note that certain brand-name medicines are excluded from the Preferred Drug List and therefore not covered due to equally effective and safe alternatives being available. If you’re currently taking a medicine that is not included on the Preferred Drug List, it is highly recommended that you visit with your physician to see if a Preferred Drug is appropriate for you to try. If your physician determines that it is necessary for you to continue to take a Non-Preferred and/or Excluded Drug, a prior-authorization for medical necessity may be submitted by your physician to Express Scripts.

Network Retail Pharmacies

Network Retail Pharmacy List

Network pharmacies are retail pharmacies that are preferred by Express Scripts. MACoHCT members have access to 60k+ network pharmacies located across the United States. Up to a 90day supply of your long-term medicines can be filled at all network retail pharmacies in Montana.

Mail Order, Home Delivery from the Express Scripts Pharmacy

One of the best things about mail order, home delivery is that Express Scripts ships up to a 90-day supply of your long-term medicine (the kind you take regularly) right to your door from the Express Scripts PharmacySM. It’s safe, secure and speedy – and means less time in a pharmacy line! Call Express Scripts, go to the Express Scripts website or Express Scripts mobile app to order your medications.

Here’s a quick look at the benefits of Home Delivery:

  • Free standard shipping
  • Up to a 90-day supply of your long-term medicines delivered to your home
  • 24/7 access to a pharmacist from the privacy of your home
  • Order your refills online or on the phone

Accredo Specialty Pharmacy

Accredo® is the Express Scripts specialty pharmacy. A specialty pharmacy provides medicine and therapy for patients with serious, chronic conditions like cancer and hepatitis C. Accredo offers specialized teams of pharmacists, nurses and clinicians who are specially trained on your condition. This level of specialization gives you the most comprehensive, compassionate and customized care available.

Accredo offers many specialized services, including:

  • Personal care and health advocacy assistance from patient care coordinators
  • Financial assistance (availability varies by plan)
  • Guidance for patients and caregivers for taking specialty medicines most effectively
  • All necessary ancillary supplies such as syringes and sharps containers

To learn more about Accredo, please visit Accredo.com or call Accredo at 800-803-2523.