Healthcare Bluebook is an online tool that enables you to find the best prices for the healthcare services you may need.

Healthcare Bluebook

Healthcare Bluebook

Beginning October 1, 2014 MACo Health Care Trust members enrolled in a medical plan can shop for care with Healthcare Bluebook. Get the most affordable care available in your area, from high quality providers.

Why use a healthcare pricing tool?Family Healthcare Expenses

  • Healthcare costs have doubled in the past 9 years
  • In-network prices for most healthcare services vary by 300% to 500% or more, depending on the provider
    • A sleep study can cost under $1,000 or over $3,500 in the same town
  • Your friends and neighbors may already be saving by using Healthcare Bluebook
  • You too can reduce your healthcare costs by becoming a true healthcare consumer

How does Healthcare Bluebook work?

  • Search for services by using drop down menus or searching on key terms
  • Learn the Fair Price you should pay in your area and how much you can save by making cost effective choices; prices are based on your local area
  • You can then compare specific providers on both cost and quality

In-Network Sleep Study Prices

What is the Fair Price?

  • The amount that you should reasonably expect to pay in-network
  • Based on the local mix of prices – not the lowest price
  • Multiple providers are available at or below the fair price

How do I access Healthcare Bluebook?

  • Go to
  • Enter the website
  • Select Cost Transparency on the main page
  • Enter Group number and Participant ID from ID card
  • Confirm or change the zip code
Access Healthcare Bluebook

Healthcare Bluebook Users Tell Us:

“I had to have a stress test done and I used Healthcare Bluebook to find the least expensive facility.  St. Francis was $4,300 and the heart facility at Community North was only $1,700 – and will probably be less than that!”

“After paying nearly $1.400 more than I should have for an ultrasound test, I needed an abdominal CT scan and used Healthcare Bluebook to find that the Fair Price for that test was about $850. I found a different provider that charged the Fair Price.  Our regular provider, the local hospital, would have charged $3,492. I saved over $2,600.”

“The Healthcare Bluebook is wonderful.   I found over a $1,000 price difference between St. Vincent and an imaging center.”

Find a Provider - Allegiance WebsiteHow do I search for the price of a service?

  • Select from a drop down box
  • Enter a search term in the search box
  • Select the service from the results list

How do I find a provider at the Fair Price?

  • Find a Provider - InformationProviders are listed with their color price rating
  • A link to your PPO provider search is provided
  • Click on a facility to get more information and see physicians whopractice at that facility
  • Maps, price ratings and quality ratings are provided

What are ShopSmartTM Services?

  • ShopSmart services are those on which you have the opportunity to save hundreds or thousands of dollars and they:
    • Vary in price a lot
    • Are expensive
    • Can be shopped for a better price
    • Are generally performed in an outpatient setting

Find a Provider - ColorsWhat do the colors mean?

  • Green = at or below the Fair Price
  • Yellow = somewhat above the Fair Price
  • Red = among the most expensive providers

What if there aren’t any providers listed for my area?

  • Healthcare Bluebook helps you understand the price you should pay for care in your area
  • Use the Fair Price in conjunction with your provider directory to call local providers and find one that charges at or near the Fair Price

Find Fair Prices - Mobile

Can I access Healthcare Bluebook from my mobile device?

  • iPhone and Android apps are available to download
  • You can also access the Healthcare Bluebook site from your mobile device’s browser